• Its been about 30 minutes since i was reading about Tupac's death. I never felt this way but my fear rose higher as i read the rumors, "Tupac is alive, he's just chilling in Cuba." I remembered the shoe box under my bed that was labelled as Makaveli, another nickname for Tupac Sakur. I looked at my friend as he started to sweat under all this pressure. "Hey man, this is kinda creepy man....i mean he got shot but now hes in Cuba?", he told me. I wanted to smile but it was creeping me out too.

    I rose up and went to my room, shaking. I reached under my bad and took out the Makaveli brand shoe box. I opened it slowly and saw the shoes that lied on the box. It didn't scare me but when i took the shoes out, i saw the picture of Tupac that seem to look right at back my eyes with his thuggish look. I ran with the box and showed my friend, which to his surprised, jumped out of fear. He stood up and ran with no hesitation, leaving his sweat, tears, and memories.

    I ran after him to tell him that it was nothing but a picture. But he just ran home and locked the door. I went back home, tired and kinda scarred. Later, I saw the box which showed Tupac picture. "Naw bruh....you not staying here", i said. I quickly took the box and threw it in the trash. I then moved my bed from the spot that the box laid and from the window because of my thoughts of Tupac coming to my house saying, "Hey man,....wanna open that window and let me in".

    I couldn't sleep for two days. Scared of Tupac, his face, his look, his stare. But i came to my senses and realize something,"Wait, why would Tupac come after me if I dont even know him". I felt dumb and moved my bed back to the same place. Having a good night sleep for the next day.

    The end