• I've lied about being sick. I have lied about being weak. I lie almost all the time about being happy or hungry though stare And I have a bad attitude. Even though its what I feel like, I'm stuck on the couch watching my life go by. question I can be so toxic sometimes, and just bad to be around. Other times I'm outgoing or shy because of depression. I'm a christian, ""I converted out of atheism"" so to speak when I met an entity that nearly ruined my life and it terrifies me daily.

    I'm in poverty but I still think I'm a worthless trash human so I took all my valuables and nice things and give them to thrift stores or strangers or my aunts. Which is stupid because I can't get those back.

    I've drank holy water before. Like a gallon of holy water.... Because I was paranoid about being a demon and going to hell.