• A'ight, so this is what happened:

    I was walkin down the street, wavin at all the ladies ('cause you know they love me) when all of a sudden, I see this homeless guy sitting in a box right next to K-Mart. I was all like, "What the [censor] is this [censor] doin?" So I walked up to him and was all like, "What the [censor] you doin?" He was all like, "Please, Phresh Prince of North Dakota, I need some change. My wife left me for my best friend, I lost my job, my home was burned down, and I gots nowhere to live. Can you help me out?" A'ight, so, this guy looked like he wasn't doin so good, so I thought I'd tell him somethin he'd like to hear. "Yo wife didn't leave you fo her best friend. She left you fo me." Then I walked into K-Mart, 'cause that's how PIMP I am.

    Then I walk into the cereal isle, 'cause I love me some Corn Pops. You know, with the commercials that weere all like, "Gotta have my pops," but now they're all like, "I lowered my cholesterol." Man, that was a big mistake. I eat like 5 boxes of Corn Pops a day, and my cholesterol hasn't been goin down. I swear, they should get sued for not bein so truthful. Anyway, as I was walkin down the isle, I saw this lady, and she was BANGIN! I mean, I looked at her from left to right, and the only word that came out of my mouth was "[censor]!" I bet she liked me when she gave me that look. She had her eyebrows down like all the ladies do when they like someone. Then she slapped me, and I was all like, "Girl, I don't even know you and you already tryion to caress my face. You probly just tryin to make me feel all special then take my money. I know a gold digger when I see one." Then I walked off. Who does that [censor] think I am? I'll tell you who I am! I'm the Phresh Prince of North Dakota!

    Then, when I got home, I saw my older brother Greg sittin on the couch watchin American Idol. I was all like, "Greg! Yo man! I got me some Corn Pops! We definitely gonna lower our cholesterol tonight! Then maybe you'll lose enough weight to get off the couch. I mean, I am pretty tired of havin to spoon feed you every day for three meals plus desert." Then he was all like, "Shut up, [censor]! I'm tryin to watch Ryan Seacrest!" Man, I love my brother. He's the best thing in the world to me. So, I walked into the kitchen. I was all excited for my Corn Pops. I got out the bowl. I got out my special spoon that I got as a prize from the last box. I went to the fridge to get me some milk, but this is the part y'all will never believe. My ma got me fat free milk. I was all like, "Is this one of your crazy weight loss things, mama? [censor] don't you know who I am? I am the Phresh Prince of North Dakota! Then I pimp slapped that woman. Can you believe her? She got some fat free milk. rolleyes