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  • Artist Info: So I'm the author of two books (writing them still) :NecroCity Fallout and Shadows of the Moonlight (formerly Nocturnal Arsenal). Well the former is in hiatus, the latter is my main production right now. Read it in my gallery at the Writer's Arena under Fiction. <br />
    Stuff about me<br />
    I'm 14 years old.<br />
    I live in Southern Texas. <br />
    I am Dominican, which means I am from the Dominican Republic (FTW!). <br />
    My favorite colors are green, brown, and black. Red is also one but it has to be with black.<br />
    Currently, I am single and I am interested in females.<br />
    What I like<br />
    My interests include working on my novel and reading.<br />
    I love playing video games that have really in depth stories.<br />
    Lasagna, pizza, chicken, and steak are amongst my favorite sort of foods.<br />
    My favorite types of music are punk, mathcore, power metal, and emo.<br />
    What I can't stand<br />
    Wannabe ghettos.<br />
    Gangsta rap.<br />
    Hip hop and other family friendly songs. <br />
    Pretty much everything that those wannabe ghettos and preppies love, I hate.<br />
    What I hope to do in the future<br />
    I want to join JROTC (some military program) when I enter high school.<br />
    During the summer, I would like to learn how to skate, and maybe how to play an instrument.<br />
    And one day, I can muster up the courage to ACTUALLY get a girlfriend haha.
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