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Journeys of Xilus_01
In this journal, i will tell you all about my daily journeys and disasters.
NecroCity Fallout Pt. 1
Xilus's Awakening:
"Wake up sleepy head, or are the ghosts keeping you from getting up?" spoke a heavy voce.
"What? Oh, its you again.*sigh*I hate you and this place so much," replied a lighter teenage voice. There in the small dark room stood two large men in shades. "So, what's for breakfast?"
"Something that will make you forget about all of the voices in your head: green slop with brown specks!" replied the officer with a mischevious smile. "So get off your bunk , Xilus, and eat!"
"Fine. But dont expect me to finish it in my stomach," stated Xilus almost half- threateningly.
"Hey ,Xi, bring something for me,too," demanded a hoarse voice.
"No problem, Joker."The smell of socks and wastes was toxic. But the smell was normal to Xilus. The food at the NecroCity Asylum was disgusting. The beds were falling apart. The prisonmates were even worse. It was horrible in this hellhouse.
"Give me the usual, Mole," said Xilus.
"Grr. I'd prefer that you call me Moul von Jenson," sneared the cook.
"Exactly, Mole."
"Grr. Here's your crud. I even put some extra brown especially for you. Enjoy you brat."
"Hmm, it smells great!" exclaimed Xilus sarcastically." In fact, you should have some ,too!" At that moment, Xilus stuffed the tray at the von's face and ran. Security officers persued him. "I told you I won't finish it in my stomach!" He zigzagged through corridors, dodging every officer and every door that opened. He almost jumped out of a window if it weren't for the apparition that stood there. Xilus stopped right in front of the ghost."Great ,it's you again."
"What, arent you happy to see your little sister again?" said the almost faded person
"Whatever. You're dead anyway, so go back to your grave. Go to hell, or heaven or whever it is that you belong!"
"Hmph! Fine! Have it your way!"
"We got you now!" yelled a cop.
"Aww,man!" whined Xilus.
TOO BE COnTINUED..............................................

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