• If you could have any one dream, how would it feel if it could come true? If you woke up one day and it all happened?? Or if you got it, but it didn’t feel right. Dreams are funny things, some are realistic, others are more of a fantasy. But the truth is, we all have dreams, and they are possible. Sometimes all you need is a little faith, and a push in the right direction. Then all you can do is hope for the best.

    If you went through with this dream, and tried to make it reality how would you feel if your plan backfired? How should you feel?? What could you say? They say we only live life once, and as far as anyone one person knows… We do, we never get a second chance at life. So if the thought of death is so scary, then how could you be afraid to go and achieve your dreams.

    But I’m making all dreams sound like prizes. But what if your dream depends on the feelings of another person. And then one little word, and your whole life comes crashing down, and you feel torn in half. What could you do? If there is something as scary as death in our lives, how can another person, that you know is entirely harmless, be so terrifying???