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  • Artist Info: I'm going to be completely honest . life is no piece of cake , relationships are not the only way to feel love , if you aren't happy with the way you're life is going you're the only one to change it . but make changes that count . treat people how you'd like to be treated , but also stick up for yourself and people you care about . if someone's important to you , you;ll eventually need to make sacrifices and take chances for them . but do it while you have the chance, because getting them back won't be easy . <br />
    your parents will always care about you , no matter how it feels . when you meet someone who makes you feel on top of the world, hold onto them, no matter what other people think . when you're feeling down and depressed, grab a pen and let your heart out . but you dont have to, just a suggestion . <br />
    we're all human, we cheat lie mess up . its how it works, dont hate 'cause someone isnt what you thought . give people a chance, and if you want change in the world, create it . <br />
    im Seleena . someday im gunna get myself known. not because i want to be rich, or be famous. im extremely shy around people i dont know and hate crowds. id like to say i also dont care about what people think, but lets be real. everyone does, even if its deep down inside. <br />
    music is my life, and i want everyone to know that someday . <br />
    msg me if theres anything you wanna know, im a fairly open person about whatever pretty much,<br />
    Lee ♫<br />
    <br />
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