• The day started out fine Courtney, James, and Liz covered many miles considering the rough rocky mountain trial started to fade away as they slowly ascended up the mountain side towards there destination. “How much further James?” asked Liz “my feet are killing me and I just want to set up camp for the night.” James looked back at Liz with his cold stare only he knew the importance of making it across the mountain before nightfall, but he could not jeopardize the whole plan.
    “Okay we will set up camp at the top of the mountain not much further we should hopefully make it to the top before sunset.” Liz and Courtney nodded they had no other choice is was follow James or die trying to get back down the mountain. After another hour or so of walking up the rigid mountain side James looked up to find he finally made it to the top of the mountain.
    “Hey James?” asked Courtney
    “Yeah?” replied James with a sigh of relief
    “I’m cold it seems like the temperature dropped a lot since we first got up here.” James baffled looked around then he looked up only to see a dark blue cloud above them and the strangest thing to it began to snow only lightly but still I mean sure it’s a mountain top and it’s colder but in the middle of the summer it makes no sense...
    “Okay lets not worry about it unpack we made good time getting up here before sunset.” Liz and Courtney began to unpack there camping gear and built a fire James threw his lightweight sleeping bad on the ground near the fire about 15 minutes pass and Liz decides she wants to go to bed Courtney moves over towards James and sits by him and watches the sun begin to set
    “Beautiful isn’t it?” asked Courtney
    “Yeah just think it will look so much better when we are finally in our new home over this mountain far away from the other place” replied James softly. James gets a sudden chill down his spine he turns around and looks up to see the blue cloud is swirling. Bewildered by this occurrence James stands up and notices the snow is falling quickly and the temperature is dropping like there is no tomorrow.
    “James what is going on?” screamed Courtney
    “I don’t know but wake up Liz and get inside the tent find anything you can to stay warm I will be in soon.” The snow is falling heavy and chunks of ice begin to pelt the side of the tent James runs toward the tent but by now the temperature is so low the outside of the tent has frozen shut James panics and grabs his sleeping bag covers himself in it and lays by the tent hoping that Courtney and Liz are safe. James beings to feel sleepy and by this point his fingers have become black and dead he knows he has to do something and quickly he finds he has a pocket knife in his pants pocket he pulls it out with his almost dead fingers and cuts a small hole in the tent he looks in to see Liz laying down and Courtney sitting in the corner crying wrapped in blankets “Courtney I’m okay I need you to listen to me.”
    “James? James! Your okay you had me worried....”
    “Courtney I need you to stay here keep warm you should have plenty of water and food to last about 3 days I need to hurry down the mountain side and get help”
    “James…I-I can’t I’m scared”
    “Courtney listen to me! Take care of Liz okay I need you to do that for me I need to get help this storm could last for a while and if we all want to get off this mountain top we need help I will come back for you I swear on my life”
    “James……” she pulls James close and kisses him softly “you better be careful go find help I will be waiting here.” James gets up and looks around by now there is 2 feet of snow on the ground and the sun is almost set he pulls out his pocketknife and cuts foot holes in the bottom of his sleeping back he beings to move down the other side of the mountain slowly. The snow seems to let up the further he moves down the mountain side. After two solid hours of walking the trail becomes visible again the snow seems to only be a few inches thick James removes his sleeping bag and beings a brisk jog down the mountain he continues at this pace for a solid 2 hours till he stops and rest betweens two rocks by the trail he sleeps for a couple of hours then at sunrise he awakens and continues his jog down the mountain. Finally around lunch time he makes it down the mountain side into a small town he runs from door to door asking for help
    “Please I need help my friends they are stuck up the mountain top in a bad winter storm I need help!” People walking by snicker and laugh at him a young man approaches James
    “I’m sorry to tell you this boy but it’s the middle of summer snow doesn’t even make it to the mountain top your going crazy”
    “NO I’M NOT!!! My friends they are stuck up the mountain top it’s snowing really bad up there I need help getting them back down the mountain!” James looks at the unbelieving crowd then burst into tears and collapses in the town circle people stop and look at him like he is crazy some people laugh others stare in disbelief.
    It’s kind of sad……I mean James did all he could he did what he thought was for the best he was trying to live a normal life on the other side of the mountain away from all his troubles. I guess maybe…………he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.