• Today I will tell the story of how I met the love of my life Tedi. Why do strangers end up the ones you love? The love of my life goes by one name and one name only and that name is Tedi. Tedi was the first person who didn't use me. I will now tell you the story of how I met her and fell in love with her.
    It was my second year of school on a sunny day in September. The date was September 1 , 1996. I was outside at recess with my friends Mark and Richard. My best friend Joshua Williams brought Tedi over to meet us. We all introduced our self's to her.
    From the moment we met we could not take our eyes off of each other. Me and Tedi started hanging out more and more. One day we were out at recess by the biggest tree in the park and Tedi kissed me. On that day we had to make a decision so we did. So from there on out we made a promise that one day we would be married.
    Three weeks before the end of the school year Tedi's parents decided they were going to move. The next day I found Tedi by the biggest tree crying. It wasn't until three days later that I found out that she was moving. A week later after she school she came to me and we made another promise that we would never forget each other. The next day I saw her at recess and she told me that her parents had decided not to move.
    At the time I was 6 years out. Today I am 16 years old and me and Tedi still hangout and we haven't forgot our promises and we never will. Me and Tedi still remember the old days and the fun we had. But life is ours to make what we want of it so we will. Now our story ends and I hoped u all liked it.