• When I was 17… Okay, more like 14, and it was the first week of high school (no joke), I tripped and fell flat on my face in front of half the student body. To add to the embarrassment, my arch-nemesis just happened to walk by, smirking oh so smugly as she said…

    “Don’t worry. No one saw that.”

    How odd… Where is that laughing sound coming from then?

    After that, I just laid there until the bell rang. I think people would have eventually forgotten about it… But then I smacked my head on my locker a couple times, skinned my knee running cross country. Oh, and just to make things even, I fell down again in front of the other half of the student body.

    I was clumsy.

    But lo and behold! College finally came with the chance to reinvent myself! I did everything to achieve a more gracefully posture and gait. Balancing the book on top of the head, actually sitting up straight as I ate my meal, wearing high heels! (If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a girl.)

    Well, it all worked. I became the graceful ballerina that I always strived for in my teen years. I was no longer “the klutz” or “the two left feet girl.”

    And then Stephenie Meyer had to go and bring clumsy back!

    I don’t get it. Why did Edward think it was cute that Bella tripped over herself all the time? And why is it so adorable that Anne Hathaway falls on her face in almost every single movie she makes? Granted, it’s great for the blooper reel, but does that really make her Oscar nominee material?!

    … Okay, I haven’t actually seen “Rachel Getting Married”, but you know her clumsiness is what put her in Hollywood!

    I love role playing in Barton Town. But now, when I come across a female profile where the best quality is “clumsiness”, I just want to scream! If only you kids had gone to my high school!

    Or better yet, if only I were a teenager in high school now. My two left feet would have made me Homecoming Queen.