• The sun shined eagerly over my head, as the clouds slowly drifted about the baby teal sky.

    As I strolled home from my work, I passed a particularly wide park. It reminded me of the days of when I was in High school. My friends and I would practice for our upcoming concerts, sweat beading down our backs as rivulets of water flew through the sky from the water fountain.

    I used to be a school idol...those were the days. We used to prance around in frilly dresses- oh, it was so much fun- and sing sweet lyrics to our young fans. Our hearts were united....those were the days! heart
    But the sparkle-filled days of our youth came to a disappointing halt. One of our fellow idols betrayed us, left the group...and got us disqualified from the finals of the Idol Competition.
    .......It hurts to think about it.
    But those days had been worthwhile. redface