• "I'm at the store picking out some bread I'm fine", Vanessa bit her bottom lip wanting so bad to hang up the phone for the seventh time, "okay, alright- - bye Danny~!", and with that she hung up the phone. Geez it was as if he couldn't trust her alone.

    As she browsed the fruit section of the mini-market she spotted the news on the t.v. above the clerks head, "damn mutants never learn", the clerk said out loud and the heads awaiting check out nodded in agreement, only the thing was, she was a mutant. As the news went on it turned out that two billion dollars worth of jewls were stolen and yet to be found, "if they find that mutant on sight,they best kill em'", Vanessa rolled her eyes at the pure idiocy of these people around her, little did they know they were only a few feet away from one, "sir I'm here to purchase and leave, I mean if you're not too busy gawking at the screen", she smiled only causing the owner of the store to snarl, "watch your tone missy", he says before snatching the bag of fruit out of her hand, "jerk", she mumbled, "bi- -", but before he could utter it all he stopped and looked passed her, shaking as well, "I wouldn't say dat if I were you, monsieur", the hairs on Vanessa's neck stood on end, not from fear but from excitement, but she dare not turn around, she didn't want to show the semi grin plastered on her face. As the owner handed her back her oranges with out a word said Vanessa nods her head and she walks out of the store with a certain mutant named, "Remy~!".

    - - - - -

    "It's been a while", Remy stated as he grabs an orange out of the bag, "yeah, it has been a while", she picks at the last bit of orange peel, she had to admit she missed him and his smile, geeze was she blushing?! He chuckled before raising his brows, "eh? You look different girl", he was talking about her short haircut, "does it look bad?", she asked him a bit embarrassed, "no, you look good, oldah, Remy likes", Vanessa blushed as he moved a strand of her hair out of her face, "I'm curious", her face became a lot serious, "did you steal the jewls, who else would be able to get away with something like that, you aren't called Gambit for nothing", Remy froze for a moment trying to figure out how she found out about it although he never told her, "ehe, you see, dat's jus business", he grins but she wasn't smiling what so ever, "you know people are looking for you Remy!", she yelled, he quickly covered her mouth, "sshhhh, you gonna blow my covah", she removed his hand away from her mouth, how did this not surprise her, "I really can't say much has changed about you Remy, really", she stands up and crossed her arms, she really enjoyed his company, but how could she when he was basically on the lam.

    Vanessa felt bad for judging him, besides she was the one who broke Loky out of his prison, that was way worse then this, "it's getting late you should get going", she told him but that really wasn't his style, "I gottah walk you home first, where evah dat is anyway", she felt him place his arm around her waist and she blushed a bit, trying hard not to reveal how much she actually did miss this Cajun man. When the two arrived at Danny's place Remy couldn't help himself and brought her close to him, "a kiss before Remy leaves?", he caressed her neck but before he could persuade her further the sound of a throat being cleared reached both of their ears, "am I interrupting something?", Vanessa flinched and wiggled herself out of Remy's embrace, "n-nothing, he just escorted me home is all", she gave Remy one last look, the look of irritation and he only grinned, "this isn't funny Remy, Danny and I are together", she whispered before opening the front door, Danny followed as well, giving Remy a cold stare before shutting the door behind him.

    "Escort?! He was all over you Vanessa!", Danny said, clearly upset about the twos display of affection, "that's just him, he doesn't know any better", Danny raised a brow, "if he touches you like that again I'll break his arms", she frowns, "okay I get it I'll tell him", Vanessa responds back but he shook his head, "no, I'll tell him myself", she sighed deeply, damn it Remy....

    - - - - -

    The next morning Vanessa sat upon the bed, her hand held up showing her palm, it felt unnatural having lost all her powers, it hurt because they took something away from her that was given at birth, was this karma for what she did back at the prison? Maybe she deserved this, maybe not, but what could she do, move forward and forget that this ever happened? Most mutants would have given anything to be normal, but being normal sucks, it's boring. She felt like laying back onto the bed and just giving up but a knock on the door stopped her from thinking any further, "y-yeah, come in", she thought it was Danny checking up on her but it wasn't, it was Remy, "did I come at a bad time petite am- -", before he could finish what he was saying she ran up to him and hugged him, "what the hell?!", she replied, he placed his hands up from the surprise hug, "woah, dat wasn't what Remy was expecting, a slap maybe, but not dis", it was sudden yes, but she was glad to see him, "did I tell you that I lost my power", she pulled away from him, "how?", he asked her, she wouldn't look at him directly so he took her chin and raised her head so she could look at him, "tell me, I don' bite", Vanessa didn't know what to say but, "it's a long story", she tells him but he shook his head, "I got all day".

    She wrests her head on his shoulder, "maybe it isn't so bad to just be, normal", she tried to smile but couldn't. Remy watched Vanessa and then proposed an offer, "lets ditch dis place, me and you", Vanessa looks up at him, "Remy, what are you talking about, I can't just run off like that", he scoffed, "says who, yo boyfriend? Dis place aint you, cooped up here, not able tah go out and fight", he looked at her this time as serious as her when she found him out, "I know that, but- -" he cut her off this time pulling her into a kiss, her eyes widen then close slowly.

    When Remy left she had to face the fact that he wasn't coming back to this city, "you still have feelings for him, don't you", Danny asked her as she stood by the window overlooking the city streets below, she didn't speak, "Is it because of yesterday?", he came up behind her, "I don't know anymore", she shed a few tears before he pulled her into his embrace, "I will always be here for you, love you, and when you need it the most, care for you", he held her tight.

    - - - - -

    The train stopped and multiple people began to gather off of it as well as get on the train, one of which was Remy who stood, leaning on the wall of the train, as he looked down the train, but then as he turned his head he saw Vanessa who stood on the other side of the train, leaning on its wall as well, she smiled a bit before saying, "hey", Remy grinned before walking up to her, taking hold of the metal pole for support and once near her he responds, "hey", the two smile, Vanessa blushing, "so where is this train headed", she asked him, he didn't break eye contact but he responded back, "anyplace but here", he breaks eye contact before placing his back up against the wall next to Vanessa, "yeah, sounds good", was all she said before leaning her head on his arm, "any place but here".