• "Carla? Lily? W-Where are you?" A small girl at the age of seven with long black fluffy hair. Her ruby eyes are filled with tears and are surrounded by red from rubbing them away. Her pale skin in the shadows is barely visible with her movements only heard by heavy breathing, the crunching of grass and snapping of twigs.

    "Mama, Papa... Where are you?" She wailed as her legs collapsed onto the floor... The little girl could hear nothing at all, no movements, no birds, no rustling of leaves, no sound at all. After a time of crying she picked herself up again only to see a white glow appear in front of her. Little feet that belonged to her trailed off in the direction of the small light giving her a small bit of insight to her surroundings of dark green trees and shadows bending with the lights movements. A small voice could be heard.

    "Turn back! Flee! This is no place to roam when you are small. If you wander too far you'll never get home," The voice was like a child's but it had uncertainty tucked into it.
    "Which way is home? Which way is deeper? This far in... I can't tell anymore," Her petite voice was wavering.
    "Paths lead to nowhere. You'll go round and round. Here in the Dante forest. Walk till you drop, but you will never be found, deep in the Dante forest."
    "C-Can't you help me?" Her voice was cracking as she spun round trying to search for the voice.
    "Your spirit will flag. You will give in to fear in the sorrow of the Dante forest. Your soul will belong to me, the Dante forest. I already have so many souls here... Your friends are here too."
    Her ears pricked up as she found the location of the voice and ran towards it.
    "Lily! Carla! I'm h-" The little girl's eyes widened as her red iris surrounding her pupils grew smaller the more she observed the scene.

    Her friends lying on the floor with a red liquid surrounding them. Their eyes shut. Their chests not moving an inch. Dead.
    The small girl collapsed on the floor with darkness surrounding around her.
    "Poor girl... I feel pity for you," Spoke a tall lanky figure removing itself from the shadows growing closer and closer to the little girl. Uncovered, a tall adult was visible with eyes as bloodthirsty as a wolf. "There is no escape for you."
    He grew closer and closer unveiling a knife covered in deep red blood, slowly dripping off. His hand raised and swiftly cut down the small girl as her body fell onto the floor with blood spralling out of the deep cut which killed her.

    This is the tale of Dante forest.
    Do not enter the forest at all costs.
    If entered... Life cannot be guaranteed.