• Minta, Chapter One.

    Finally. They have finally seen beyond their idiotic prejudice and have allowed me my birthright. Oh, I feel the power coursing through my veins... When I wake up every morning, I see the sun rise 50,000 years before what is, to you, present day, and to me, just another segment of time, and I have to drag myself back to my own era constantly. Oh, I don't know why I even bother. Sometimes, I wish I lived next door, and awaken to a pit waiting below me, beneath a translucent floorboard or two. Of course, if I were to ask the council of elders, they are, as written in the Black Dragon of Chiro, under vow to follow all commands produced by the lord(ess) of time. Oh, what pathetic idiots I have lived under my whole life. Finally free, but there is something I've forgotten. Memory has never been my strength, but I believe... Yes, today was the day I was to leave at dawn to inspect the Onyx in Ria...
    Oh. Oh, please no. Mira, oh, Mira, you didn't... But as I inspect my tea from yesterday afternoon, my suspicion has been verified. You conniving, sociopathic b-...child... I fear that my anger has been kindled to a degree higher than that of evaporation, but to that of the flame of time's core, that which cannot be stopped.
    You were born a freak, and I never loved you, despite all my kind words. I tried as hard as I could, but I knew from the moment we were born that you were off in a way I couldn't quite put. I understand now. Time only deserves to live among those on the old planet. eh? Or do you wish to build a land of no time, and of pure infinity. Oh, trust me, I shall be seen again. I, Minta Shia Lupria, declare myself no longer child of Shiald nor Menteranoir, but as a child of the Lumiere, a child who deserves to live. I declare myself Minta Indausimo, and I curse my family, and may every third child of the Lupria be cursed on their 13th birthday to be cast away by all and turn into a carrier of the plague that swept over us on this very day 2 years before. I hereby state the breaking of the first soul-bond. Thee shall listen to me, Here and For Evermore.