• The Day The Dead Rose

    Ana's story
    It was some time in late fall. A new drug was crated that was given to everyone throughout the world. Those who didn't get the drug, well lets just hope they are still human...or alive. My name is Ana i am only one of few survivors of the apocalypse. Sadly now...the zombies don't care who you are. Family, friends, even small children. they'll devour you without hesitation. Now we must work together to defeat the "monsters." our world as we know it...has become hell. There is hopefully a forty five percent chance of finding land to settle on, and a cure.

    Katz story

    My eyes Shifted Around Curiously . the Lab was quiet,for once. It bothered me However my Work was Complete a Perfect Bio Weapon. I flipped the papers on my chart diagrams and notes...Months of research gone to waste...no more reason to it . I threw it to the ground and walked over to the table where my Creaton sat. i grabbed my small flashlight"now stay still" I murmured flashing it watching her Pupils dilated "Good Good" I purred smiling "Katie are you okay?"i asked curiously.

    Katie's story

    My pupils dilated and went back to but had a slight blur to them. I look around the room and back to the creator and respond "yes...I'm just fine." as I look around the room I see a screen with a bunch of words on it. I soon realize; I'm not human, I'm something man made. One thing i don't know is how i got there. I look like everyone around me, I mean i have limbs and human body parts. I do know this though, I'm nothing like humans...I was built to kill and wipe out the the things that turned are world into a living nightmare.