• He loved watching her
    She didn't really know him
    But he was in love
    Or so he thought
    He watched her silently
    Adoring from a distance
    He figured that was the best approach
    He had to have her
    That much he knew
    He had to hold her
    He knew she would scream
    As all the others did
    Every one of them
    They cried in anguish
    But he found the crying to be beautiful
    He lured them away with toys and things
    He brought them to his humble abode
    He grabbed them tightly
    Even though they screamed
    When he would finish
    Into the freezer they went
    Where all the other young girls went
    He thought that maybe
    He should dispose of them soon
    He bagged them up
    In the middle of the night
    Took them to the lake
    Knew they wouldn't be found
    A young girl saw him
    She had no clue
    She came over to him
    She wasn't sure what was going on
    She asked what he was doing
    He said nothing in particular
    He couldn't resist
    Her beautiful body
    He raped her there
    And then killed her swiftly
    He threw her into the lake with the others
    And headed home
    He knew he had to have more
    So he slept
    And he woke up in the morning
    And he went on the hunt
    To find more satifaction