• *The Man is driving back to the house, with JoAnna and Holly still unconcious in the back seat.*

    Man: Boy, oh boy...

    *He parks the truck by the house.*

    *The Man gets out of the truck and slams the door shut.*

    Man: HEY! Get on out here and help me with this!!

    *Silence. Holly starts to wake up.*

    Man: I said help me!

    *He goes inside the house.*

    *Holly then wakes up. She looks around and panics a bit.*

    *She sees JoAnna next to her.*

    Holly: (shaking her) JoAnna, get up, come on!

    *JoAnna is still unconcious.*

    Holly: JoAnna!

    *Suddenly the back door opens and the Man grabs Holly.*

    *Holly screams and the Man drags Holly into the house.*

    Man: Stop screaming, ain't gonna do you no good!!

    *Another man, goes and grabs JoAnna.*

    *Inside the house, the Man sits Holly on a chair.*

    Man: You, help me with this!

    *Holly screams and feels someone tying rope around her wrists, behind a chair.*

    *Holly squirms and tries breaking free.*

    *The Man then grabs duct tape.*

    Holly: No! NO!!!

    Man: Sit still!

    *The Man puts tape over Holly's mouth.*

    *The other man from behind her, suddenly kneels in front of her. It's the Hitchiker.*

    Hitchiker: Haha! I thought YOU was in a hurry!

    *Holly screams and cries, trying to break free.*

    *The killer brings JoAnna in. She's still knocked out.*

    Man: Bring that girl over to that chair.

    Hitchiker: I'll do it.

    *The Hitchiker grabs JoAnna and begins tying her in a chair.*

    Man: (to the killer) Now, you!!

    *The killer goes into the kitchen, knowing hes in trouble and the Man grabs the pipe.*

    Man: I thought I told you to not let any of them get away!

    *The killer is near the wall.*

    Man: Did you let any of them get away? DID YOU??

    *The killer shakes his head, making an awakward animal sound.*

    Man: Are you sure?

    *The killer nods, scared, closing into the corner of the wall.*

    Man: And the sliced door..that was you wasn't it??

    *The Man then beats the killer with the pipe.*

    *JoAnna is tied in and Holly is squirming, trying to break free.*

    Hitchiker: You might as well quit it, you ain't going no where.

    *Holly cries and looks at JoAnna.*

    Hitchiker: Wait...wait just a minute!!

    *He leaves the room.*

    *The Man comes in and looks at Holly.*

    Man: I hope you're prepared for supper...

    *The Hitchiker comes in, with an extremely old man with no eyes in a wheelchair dressed up.*

    *Holly looks at him.*

    Man: Ohh Grandpa, just in time! I know you're starving, we got something here for you.

    *The Hitchiker wheels the Grandpa over to Holly and Holly screams, and squirms.*

    Hitchiker: They're new!!

    *The Man than takes out Holly's arm and puts a razor to her neck.*

    Man: Open that hand up!!

    *Holly screams and does so. The Hitchiker than grabs Holly's arm and slices her finger.*

    *Holly cries and closes her eyes as the Hitchiker puts her finger in the Grandpa's mouth. The Grandpa starts sucking on Holly's finger for blood.*

    *She screams and looks what's happening, her eyes widened.*

    *Holly then breathes more heavily, and passes out.....*


    *30 minutes later, inside the house. Holly starts to wake up again.*

    *She finds herself at the dining table, the killer, the Hitchiker, the Grandpa and the Man are sitting at the dining table too.*

    *Holly suddenly screams loudly, tied to the chair still, with the tape off her mouth.*

    *The killer starts yelling as well, and the Hitchiker cheers hysterically.*

    *Holly looks around, crying.*

    Man: Glad you could make it for dinner...

    *Holly looks and sees JoAnna is awake.*

    Holly: JoAnna...

    JoAnna: Holly...!

    Man: Now, now what're y'all waiting for?

    *JoAnna tears more and cries softly.*

    Man: Do you not like it here? Do you not feel welcome?


    JoAnna: Why...?

    Man: "Why"?

    JoAnna: Why are you doing this? This is crazy!!

    Man: I'll tell ya why!

    *He gets up.*

    Man: It's a family tradition! Half of us folks died, got our property taken away! We can't starve to death now, can we?

    *The Man goes up to her.*

    JoAnna: But this is CRAZY!! You've got to make him STOP!!

    Man: ohh well now, we can't do that. How else do you want us to keep on going? This is US!!

    Holly: You can make him stop! Please! This is how you are? You guys are crazy!

    *The Man slams his hands on the table which makes them jump.*

    Man: (Yelling) I know you're not talkin this way in MY house, on MY dining table!

    *Holly shakes her head and cries more.*

    Man: I think it's time...

    Hitchiker: Wait, I got an idea!

    *The Hitchiker goes to the Grandpa.*

    Hitchiker: Since we haven't had any guests in a long time...Grandpa..we're gonna let YOU have HER! (he points to JoAnna.)

    *JoAnna starts screaming. The Man and Hitchiker then get up and go to her chair.*

    *She screams more.*

    Holly: No!!!

    *They untie JoAnna's hands and grab her as she tries escaping. They then make her kneels down in front of a bucket.*

    *The Hitchiker then grabs a hammer and helps the Grandpa hold it.*

    Man: Alright, let's get this overwith.

    Holly: No! JoAnna!!

    *JoAnna tries moving but she can't. The Hitchiker helps the Grandpa strike the hammer, but he misses.*

    Man: Come on, another one!

    *JoAnna screams more and tries moving.*

    *The Grandpa strikes and hits her in the back of the head.*

    Man: That's it, come on!

    JoAnna: (screaming) No!!

    Holly: (crying) Let her go!!

    *The Grandpa strikes again and misses.*

    Man: Dammit!

    Hitchiker: Come on!

    Man: Here, let me do it!

    *The Man goes for the hammer and JoAnna than breaks free from the Man's grip.*

    Holly: JoAnna run! RUN!!!

    *JoAnna gets up and runs and jumps through the window.*

    *JoAnna looks around and looks back.*

    *It's dusk outside.*

    *She slowly gets up and starts limping away from the house.*

    *She's bruised up pretty badly and she's breathing heavily.*

    *Suddenly the Hitchiker runs out the house and starts running toward her.*

    *JoAnna looks back.*

    JoAnna: No...!!

    *The killer then runs out the house with the chainsaw.*

    *JoAnna starts limping/running faster, screaming.*

    *The Hitchiker starts getting closer.*

    *JoAnna looks back and tries running faster, crying.*

    *The Hitchiker then starts slicing her back with a knife.*

    *JoAnna yells in pain and keeps running, trying to escape.*

    *The Man runs out the house as well.*

    *The Hitchiker stabs her 3 times in the back.*

    *He then grabs JoAnna and throws her on the ground.*

    JoAnna: Please...no...!!

    *The Hitchiker then starts laughing and stabs her numerous times in the stomach and chest.*

    *Blood starts squirting out her mouth and her eyes close. Her stabs her again and again.*

    *The Man runs up to him and looks at her.*

    Man: She's dead now...let's go get that other girl...!

    *They then run back to the house to try and kill Holly next...*

    TO BE CONTINUED!! biggrin