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    Chapter 1
    Moonlight Fantasies
    The halls of the castle were illuminated by the streaming moonlight, filtered just right from the gothic windows. The walls a nice violet color, a dark solid purple. The interior of the halls were filled with armored statues and portraits of the ancestors. A small occasional light was about ten feet from each other, a little longer then the head watchmen wanted. It would have to do, for now at least. Vasina walked down the hall to her father’s council room. She was late again, she knew her spot in council was to be decided, and she knew she was to loose it. It wasn’t a huge loss, just a mishap in her social status. Vasina ran into the room interrupting the eerily quiet council. She walked to her seat, by her father and mother. She sat up straight and quietly, knowing she was in trouble with her parents.
    The council consisted of twelve members. The count, countess, the daughter of the count and countess, the wingmen of the count and countess, the scroll keeper, the announcer, the decider, and the jury members. There are three representatives from the De’mouis family, one from the Daieh, one from the Hentra, one from the Jeirs, one form the Rouela, one from the Teorra, one from the Yuemna, one from the Zenot and two from the Zenitoe family. Vasina was one of the three De’mouis.
    Her family was the second founding royal family of the land, “In noaptea senile terenuri”, The night crawlers land. The land was for vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and witches, ghosts, supernatural beings. Gerald, the announcer, stood in the center of the council circle. The vampire watched Vasina carefully as she counted the rooms of the castle in her head. She was taught to do this when she was nervous to show no fear. Gerald smiled at her and nodded.
    “Do you see this girl, before us? The late one, as we call her now.” Gerald turned to see the council, “This girl, has misused her council position, and missed nine meetings, in the last two months.” Gerald said, his thick Romanian accent shone through his words. Vasina sat quietly and patiently. She wanted this to be over and decided so she could do to her room. She needed to write about her last venture outside the walls. She looked at her father and mother in the corner of her eyes. Their green eyes were crystal clear, showing no emotion. They had their walls up, she knew this. She looked back at Gerald and smiled at him softly. He snarled and sat back in his seat. She knew they were to decide she was to leave, she felt bad for her parents, and breathed deep for a moment.
    Her choice was a heavy weighted choice, hanging in the balance was her royal status and her life. She had to choose and she choose to leave. That was all she needed to know. She would find a way to survive in the human world. But for now, the Underworld, had to be left behind.
    Vasina went through the meeting, explaining her need to travel to the human world, and her need to be away from the family. They were unhappy with her choice and she was confined to the familiar castle. She knew this was a stupid mistake and so did the council. That was their choice. Vasina was escorted to her room to make sure she didn’t leave. She was let into her room and the door was locked and guarded. The windows were barred, but that wouldn’t stop her.
    Vasina packed several belongings, including clothes, jewelry, money, blood vials, and a special medallion used to let Vampires walk in the sunlight and not be seen as Vampires, but as humans. Vasina looked at her vanity mirror and saw herself. As many thought the false accusation of Vampires not being seen in mirrors was clearly a lie. How else would they always look so perfect?
    Her reasons were always the same, they had eternal beauty. But that would only go so far. Vasina, only having one hundred years in being a Vampire, had learned no leads on this issue. She didn’t care, as long as she could be how she wanted to be, she was fine. This wasn’t always the case. As a child, Vasina had wanted to be like her mother and aunt. But after the death of her aunt, Vasina lost interest as he mother put it.
    Her past haunted her, her future looming in the choices she made. And now she was leaving. She could do two things, control fire with her mind, and control people with her mind. A spiritual power combo that was deadly even if not in combat. She was a special spiritual leader though. Not many had more than one power. She was surely not to mess with.