• Azure Main Character Profile

    Name: Prince Azure (Speaking his True name Releases his true power)
    Age before exile: 18

    Age After exile: 21

    Image before exile: User Image

    Image After exile: User Image

    Bio: The prince is the son of the Powerful Azure family, which rules half the world, Right now the Prince does the dirty work for his father the king. The prince is first in line for the throne after his father. After the prince returns from a mission his father sent him on he comes back home to find his mother had been killed, and he is blamed for it, he is captured and sentenced to exile from the kingdom, He powers are sealed and a curse is placed in his eye and his memories suppressed. Now exiled the prince must remember everything and find a way back to his home land and seek revenge on his father. To do this he must gather friends an allies and stand against his father wiht his own army. The Army of the True Azure Kingdom........

    The great struggle begins soon...........