• The teenage runaway.

    The weather was bad , the lighting wasn't all that bright. I decided to take my time walking home , Hoping that my parents wouldn't be arguing yet again . Getting round the corner from the house , i could feel something bad about to happen as soon as i set foot through the front door.
    Walking up the path to the front door . I tried to open it , but it wouldn't seem to open, I thought to myself "Where's the key , I've gotta find the key."
    I fiddled and fiddled around in my jacket pocket trying to find the key . Getting right to the bottom of my jacket finally finding my key, the worry on my mind was now to get the key into the lock and hope for the best there family atmosphere was happy.
    With my hands shaking , i had to get the key into the lock. With the key firmly in the lock ... I waited before turning it . I started thinking , closing my eyes , dreaming for a happy welcoming. Suddenly opening my eyes and turning the key , opening the door , i pushed it open suddenly walking in , shutting it quickly not letting the draft in.
    For one everything seemed quiet , But i couldn't bare to let my hopes up to high. I walked into the living room noticing a coffee cup lay on it's side with a small puddle on the floor . Then to find out that it wasn't all so quiet after all , From the kitchen i could hear the sudden smashing of plates and yet more shouting , My little brothers screaming and crying from upstairs , the dog barking and scratching to get out of the bedroom.
    I tried to ignore it , Just for as long as i could ... turning the t.v up louder and louder , It didn't help.
    I still had my school stuff on and now was time for my great plan .. I'd runaway .... YEAH! that's what i'll do ... I'll find someone who loves me .
    I got up , quietly making my way up and out ... the door slamming behind me.
    My journey starts here , I walked and walked out from the house into town , by this point it was so wet and cold i honestly couldn't stay out here ... I needed some money to get a drink or maybe something to eat . Reaching lower and lower into my pocket hoping that i had atleast some money .. But nope no money found ... But a scruffy white note ... On the note in smuged ink was the name on the front saying ROSE. It was too wet to read it out in the open ... I needed some sort of shelter
    ............. To be continued ............................