• There was once a time, when there was a girl so young. She thought the world was her own, the sun rised when she told it to and the moon did the same. Some people wouldn't listen to her so they died a day later, many people were worried what she would do to them. Than one day a boy that was young and fierce said to the men and women of the world that there was no fret for he was going to end her of her wrongs. Once he had gotten to her his world stopped, and he finaly understood why the world did as she commanded, her hair was long and flowed like the rivers, and her eyes were as blue as the sea. His heart stopped as he looked at her, and hers did the same. He was strong bold, dark brown hair and the greenest eyes she has ever seen. She was like the ocean and he was like the earth always together. The girl never hurt anyone else after that for she only wanted the man to be happy they spent hours just talking about who they were. But after that day a war broke out men from another place fought to find the girl so she would command the world as they pleased. The man fought to safe the girl but he knew he was not powerful enough so he sent her away, so she ran though in her heart she didn't want to, but she had no choice. The girl returned to her home after a week to find the town was rebuilding itself and the boy was no were to be found, she spent days sitting in her room tears comming out her eyes. But she knew that no tears would get him back to her so she spent years broken hearted without him.
    to be continued