• I watched her until I couldn’t see her anymore. I sighed and started walking again. I walked into my chambers and over to my desk. I sat down in the wooden mahogany chair. It creaked every time I moved. I flipped through the old parchment. I stopped when I saw the prophecy. It was said that the chosen Zulu master is to too destroy the chosen Mura master. I was certain this girl was the chosen one. Her aura was all right, just like the prophecy says. The chosen Zulu has a purple glow in the beginning. When their powers kick in, the glow turns gold. The chosen Mura has a blue glow, and then it turns red.

    I heard a tick at my window just as I finished reading. I jumped up and stared at the window. I waited then went over to it. It was too black outside to tell exactly what it was. I squinted my eyes at a figure deep within the shadows. I couldn’t tell at first who or what it was. I was going to turn back then stopped when a flash caught my eye. This was a who, and this who, was a Mura master. What they were doing here was beyond me, but he wasn’t supposed to be. I watched what he would do next. Nothing, a small fire hovered just above the palm of his opened hand. “Suno.” I whispered. I small orb popped up in front of my eyes. I used my finger to guide it out the window. The orb silently and slowly got closer to the figure. The orbs light dimmed and showed me who the intruder was. I studied the young boy’s face, too young to be a master, or even an apprentice at that.

    The boy looked directly at the orb. A smile spread across his face. Shadows licked at his feet and moved slowly up his body. I froze in place; my breathing stopped; my heart seemed to skip a beat or two. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The shadows turned out to be more of a glow, and they turned red. Soon, he disappeared in the darkness. I kept staring at the spot the boy was, hoping it wasn’t true, hoping he didn’t really see that. When nothing else happened, my senses kicked in and I ran out into the hallway. I let my feet take me to the den room. Vedican was not to be found. He must be in his study. I ran out of the room and towards my master’s study. I opened the door, making it swing out and bang against the wall. My master’s eyes flew up from the papers and onto me. “Have you no manners?” he bellowed. He stood up, his eyes staying on me. He could see the concern and disbelief in my eyes. “What troubles you?” he asked.

    Vedican looked out the window. “So.” He said. “The Mura have found their chosen one.” He added. I looked at him, shocked by his reaction. “Didn’t you hear me, sire?” I asked him. Vedican turned and looked at me, no emotion showed. “Yes, I heard you. Why should I worry? Didn’t you say yourself that you have found our chosen one?” he threw at me. He had a point, I am certain the girl is the one we are looking for. “Yes, but-.” Vedican cut me off with a wave of his hand. “Go and get the girl, and make sure she is defiantly the one. Last time you thought we found our chosen one…” he trailed off. I didn’t really want him to bring that up. I bowed to Vedican when I was sure he was done talking. “Vindo.” I mumbled and disappeared. I showed up in front of a large country house. The yellow siding was fading and there was a hole in a step that led to the front porch. I didn’t have time for this, I had to get to the girl, and fast.