• Chapter: 1

    A long time ago in the land of Zamorack the elves had a meeting of whom to be the final mage of Cantandeil. One who had to be strong, powerful, smart and had noble blood in him.

    Meanwhile the trainee wizard elf Glorafell and his pet frog Weenee finally rode into Zamorack. “Glora mythos Weenee!” (Look at that Weenee!) Glorafell said as he saw the Zamorack tower, the biggest most beautiful tower in the world. “Croak” said the bored stiff (literally) frog Weenee. He never left his masters side but always seemed uninterested because it was frog mating year however, sadly for the frog, Glorafell did not know this.

    Chapter: 2

    The king of the bandits of the land of Rockamiel had his army camped outside the walls of Zamorack and was planning how to storm the walls. His son Thorax opposed this but he didn’t care. He was going to be a king of a bigger empire and he was happy.

    Another reason he was happy was because he is a drunk.

    He loves wine, beer and going to the tavern. The drinks had a little price cut off it anyway because he takes the tax money which he spends on more beer. He is a tyrant, a thief and to top it all off he forgets about his son or where he is and where he lives.

    “SIR we are ready to attack the enemy SIR!” said the commander. At the second sir he stamped his foot.
    “Well ATTAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    * * * * * * * * *

    Thorax was worried about his father getting drunk all the time. He thought to himself “why must a bandit go off and take over kingdoms?” He loved it when they raided villages, plundered towns and broke into houses. But as soon as they took over a whole kingdom by accident (by using all the villages as bases) his father had a taste for building armies, destroying outlands and getting a bigger empire. Thorax looked to the ground and then to the moon “I will find a warrior that is strong, smart and has noble blood in him.”

    Chapter: 3

    Glorafell cast a light spell in the deep dark library had a sip of beer and got to work. His little trainee staff let out a dim glow but it was not enough to read the spell book. “Septim renof (darn it)” he said as a mage of Zamorack came and whispered three words “come with me”.

    “Arrows at the ready, don’t break the line, and THERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!” said the commander as bandits came over the hill but didn’t keep on running, instead they stopped and shot a hail of arrows that blotted the sky. The wizards of Zamorack made a shield of pure light. Glorafell was amongst them but his trainee staff only set out a tiny little pop which didn’t help much, and then the wizards led an array of phoenixes but Glorafells trainee staff phoenix was like a chick compared to the others, Glorafell became mad, then angry, then enraged and did a fire ball spell that knocked out nearly the whole army of bandits.