• they were side by side and they were looking intensily, talking with meaningful glances. suddenly the boy broke the silence:
    -i dont have any more patience left, all this time you aren't doing anything, you're not sure.
    -i knew it...
    -i tryed if something changes but without any result.
    -it's not your fault, it's me.
    -i don't care whose fault it is,i'm ending it here.if you want to do something now is the time.
    Some seconds past and he edded:
    -i give you margin untill midnight, i let you think.
    -i don't like to be commanded, i only say to you i love you for who you are and as someone said, follow your heart, everything is happening for a reason, you just have to find the reason.
    -i told you something.. the count down begin....
    he turned around and slowly left.

    she stood there alone to look the door as a memory of what was left.
    she didn't know how to react.
    she had a confusing look,hot tears start dripping,without cause she wanted to break...
    she wanted to scream to him,tell him he was wrong but didn't do anything.
    the heart was still beating fast from love without borders.
    sadness, anger, jealousy, despair, uncertainty, fear and agony filled her.
    she wanted to give in and go find him, she wanted to forget everything.
    she was worrying and conserned seeing that there was only one solution.
    she had to pick with mixed feelings.
    what was right and what wrong?