• life it seems all good
    u fall i love heart
    hes a cute guy
    u think he mite b the 1
    u see him at the mall
    but before u say hi he kisses
    ur best friend
    u slap him crying
    and run away crying
    u miss school cuz u cant face him crying
    u do go to school
    he says he
    was rong
    that its u he loves
    but u no its just a lie twisted
    like the past 2 years twisted
    u were with him twisted
    he was cheating around twisted
    u move the next month
    to get away from the pain
    he made u feel
    u r final happy smile
    u fall inlove again heart
    but this time u
    u cant trust him
    u spend the rest
    of ur life not trusting
    cuz of some dumb guy exclaim exclaim