• It was a cold winters night when Anthea had realized that there was a faint moan in the whistling wind that was coming through her window, she thought she had shut it. When Anthea went to the window to close it, she saw a dull white figure on ye old mining road. Taking a second look she realized that it was a ghost! A gasp of air escaped from her throat with a jolt, she stood paralyzed with fear, Anthea was certain that the ghost was starring right at her! She slowly backed away from the window and hid under the covers on her bed shivering that whole night with her heart pumping faster then a cars piston!.

    The next morning Buddy her dog came in and jumped on her with surprise. He was a fox terrier with a beautiful smooth coat of fur, he has the most sweetest eyes Anthea had seen with a crystal blue tint, he is only two years old. That day at 12:34pm Anthea decided to go for a walk with Buddy up to the mine. On her way up there Buddy had sensed something, so he snapped the leash! and took off up further deeper into the mines where ye old folks say its haunted.

    Later on Anthea was at the entrance to the mines with no sign of Buddy, she started to walk in further, whilst she was walking Anthea stepped on Buddies collar, Anthea started to cry and started screaming at the top of her lungs, "BUDDY!!, BUDDY!!, COME ON STOP PLAYING AROUND NOW" no reply. Anthea was just starting to walk out of the mines when she heard a long echo of her name, "Anthea you will pay for what you have done in the past" Anthea ran straight home as fast as she could.

    When Anthea got home Buddy was hanging from the ceiling fan torn open with guts hanging out with blood all over the walls and ground whilst the fan was on. Anthea dropped to the ground with sadness and started to cry praying to god saying "god why why did you do this to me!!!!!! it's not fair anymore I'm sick of my life!!!!!" Anthea ran to her cupboard grabbed her double barrel shot gun reloaded it and ran to the mines with anger!.

    When Anthea got up there all she could see was blood all over the walls saying"told you" She saw every living ghost that died from the mine collapsing along time ago further down the track. All the ghosts were standing around her laughing laconically at her with evil looks on there hollowed faces. Anthea couldn't take any more so she grabbed her gun held it up under her throat and killed herself.

    Two weeks later the police and news reporters were at the scene of the suicide. Anthea was all covered in maggots and flies with half of her head decapitated. The police were very confused because they didn't know why she killed herself or was it a setup?. That night at 9:13pm the police were packing there gear to leave along with the news reporters, and they were all just about at the exit and suddenly they all heard, "you will all pay for what you did in the past". They all looked behind them, there was nothing to see, in the next couple of seconds the mines caved in and no one knows what happened.

    They say if you go up to the mines you can still hear the gun shot of Anthea killing herself along with her blood curdling cries.....

    = THE END =