• After Illusion's death the weekend was over Nick had to go back to shcool then the he met a beautiful girl named Sarah Hasak then when he was going home there was this strange sond coming from the alley and Captain Phlipines said "I hope it isnt one of does soldiers again" and he looked at the alley there was this guy then Metal Man teleported and said "Whats going on" Captain Philipines said"There that rock guy is destroy the guys trash" The rock guy said"Im sorry were you talking to me just call me Rocker General Tyrant sent us here"then a hunter guy teleported beside him and said "You cant defeat us call me Arrow Fish" then the jester guy said from the dark portal "I am Darkus my power is all dark energy controllation" Rocker said "My power is super strenght and spike rocks" Arrow Fish said "My powers are smell senses teleportation and sticky feet" and they all said "We are the Death Crew!" then they fought the Death Crew has almost bein defeated as Metal Man's Team then when they woke up General Tyrant was in front of them with the Death Crew then General Tyrant said "Im going to take your powers" then someone blasted the walls of General Tyrant to be continued

    Files and Powers

    Files:Real name John Cruz Hometown:Laguna CityBirthday: January 7

    Powers biggrin uplication 4 arms with rapier

    Next issue: Issue 4 Mind Maddness