• This is a story of a collage student who loves comics and hangingout with cool guys who lives in the Philippines Nick Sanderson. Then one day a meteorite crashed his bike and inside his engine there was this black little ball and when touched it it turned white then the next day his eye glows and keeps blasting laser beams the next three days.He mastered his beams and glowing eye then he realize that he can save the Philippines and so he became the Captain Philipines.The next day he found a soldier who who is gonna put the every people in the house to jail then Captain Philipines Beat them all up with his guns ninja sword and shuriken the strongest one of them was the explosives one was the hardest one so he just laser beams to defeat that one while he was fighting a camera in the alley watched him as they fighted the guy that was watching him fight was a scientist that has super powers too named Rock Hamms A.K.A Metal Man When Captain Phlipines was finshed fighting them he read the soldiers armors its says "General Tyrant armor" and he said General Tyrant did this to be continued

    Files and Powers
    Name:Captain Philipines

    Powers Laser Beams
    Gun ninja sword abnd shuriken special ist

    Files:Nick Sanderson A.K.A Captain Phlipines lives in Muntilupa City Birthday March 6

    Next Issue:Captain Philipines meets Metal Man