• "Who are you" I said falling backwards onto my bed as he slowly walks up to me and getting on top of me. "I'm Dark I'm a vampire" he said the word vampire eacho over and over again in my head."A vampire...so you came here to suck my blood" I said "no I came here for your help first tell me your name" he said. "I'm Jade" I said "please Jade help me save the queen of vampires" he said.

    "How can I help you I'm just a human" I was scared i never knew vampire were real. "I'm going to make you into a vampire" he said "oh" i said "I also need you because you are the only human that can go thouger the forest" he said. "And the only one for me" he said with the sound of fear in his voice I blushed and he got off of me. "Well lets go" Dark said grabing my hand and going outside to the forest thats beside my house and we walk into the forest