• The Photostory Tale (collaboration of Dean and Haziq)
    > Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 4:08am

    One upon a time, there was a girl who gasping for love but was forbid by her parents.

    However, her passion for that love is like a fire that burns everything to ashes.

    In the middle of the night, she loyally wait at the balcony, and waiting for her favorite boys to come.

    And she saw a meteor drop in the dark sky. She know her boys will come to her. Sadly, the meteor just a fallen wish.

    That fallen wish burn up at the atmosphere and turn to an ashes of star's powder. She collect the ashes and blow it with her broken soul breath, in hope her boys will hear the despair feeling in her.

    Suddenly, her feet step on the balcony, out of her control. She wing up her arms, close her eyes and imagine that she fly to the moon and meet her boys.

    There is a boy walk at the corridor near to the balcony. He saw an angel on the balcony with the wide open wings, smiling but at the same time hold up the tears that fulfill and distract the beauty of her emerald green eyes.

    The boy fit in his fingers in the space between the fingers of angel's hand innocently.

    She feel the warm of the boy's hands. She can't hold it anymore. The tears start to flows on her cheek to the chin and drop like a diamond sparkling on the boy's hand.

    The boy trim aside his hair bangs with his hand and show off his hazel eyes. He stare at her determinely.

    Out of the blue, a dark, black fearsome demon appeared. The boy was in awe... But the angel give him the courage to fight the demon. Their fight lasted for 7 days and 7 nights without any of them show a slight of fatigue.

    On the 7th night, the demon blow off the ultimate dark spirit to the boy. And the boy's hazel eyes now turned black and his blood veins appear black. The boy felt hurt so much. The moonlight fade away by the dark clouds.

    As the moon fade away, the dark power drained into the demon's blood veins. The demon gain its strength. Meanwhile, the boy unbreakably scream, hurtly. The girl's (which also the angel, literally) feeling towards her late favorite boys start to fade away as do as the moonlight fade away.

    Now, she step down from the corridor balcony. She kiss the boy's cheek... She start to feel sleepy. The boy's black veins slowly disappear and his eyes turn back to hazel, with the black tears flow away from his eyes. However, the feathers of the angel's wing fall down like a maple leaves in the autumn.

    The boy replenished from his suffer. Now, he saw the angel's suffer after cure him. He take the angel and locate her in a safe place. The angel put a string of angel hair, a pieces of feather from her wing and a drop of tears on the boy's hand and blow them with her cold breath. Its turn to an Archangel's blade...

    (to be continued...)