• Domonic glory XL
    By: Sexysouthrider83

    It was......

    Nearly 300,000 years ago, a dark evil was born and the angels of heaven were sent out to vainquish the evil source of it's power but every one knows good can't surivive without evil, it's the balance of life so what can't they do the angels though, then one whose name was sharmina The half hearted angel, daugter of Shinomae The Goddess of the rulette heart though what if we seal the evil away

    It was risky even for a angel of that calibur, daugter of one out of 5 Goddess of Light and dark . then a young japanese emperor named Shinkai stepped up to the angels with a request. All three thought that Shinkai was an reckless fool for what he offered them. Shinkai over-heard them saying that they may have to seal the evil away. They laughed at him as he was just a human who's one strenth got him so far in life to lose it all. As The Girls laughed Shinkai anger raged as he is no human. A human would walk out of a battle what Shinkai faced a lone solider crossing over the cliff of devidence ( The Crossroads). The angels laughed and so on but Shinkai made a deal that Lorumina The angel of cheerful depression just could'nt refused, as a matter of fact all 3 angels ( and i know when i said 1 of 5 daughters of Goddess you would think there were 5 angels but the part about that is that 2 of them passed during the incoming dark battle of cyclonisous vegias-0332, 1 of 7 Dark Gods, darnobious vegadragoonious 551 ( Dar-noob-B-us Vega- dra-goon-ne-us).

    Shinkai held his head high, higher then his friends on a saturday night after hitting a strip joint with 30 mins. of lame pole dancing, cheap drinks and drug dealing dealing with old people.

    Getting back uhhhhhhhh oh yeah Shinkai was training for this all this life and he now has some thing to show for it . A technique of seals called absolute warpatation. he or others must write a sealing symbol while he chant to himself impowering the sealing symbols around him. if not done right then the warp could back fire and suck Shinkai and whose ever aroun him.

    Shinkai know that for this to work he must.........

    Part 2 later