• I was walking home from high school.The streets were quiet as usual.I felt I was being following,but maybe its just my imagination.I looked for the street sign.It was written in Japanese.I left out a big sigh.'' Great.I'm lost.Crap.''I said to myself,but as I turned around I saw a man leaning on the wall of a deserted building.He wore a black coat,black boots,and shades.I looked in fear and hoped he wasn't dangerous.He looked at me with a evil smile and stood up straight.I backed away a few steps and he took a few steps toward me.I looked for someone else.He kept walking toward me.''Leave me alone!''I said to him.''Your name is Saya,right?''He said back.''Who wants to know?!''I was scared.He took a sword out and walked toward me.I ran away as quick as I could.The next three-way street saw my last I couldn't run anymore.I turned around because I felt the same feeling I did when I was walking down the streets.I heard footsteps behind me and I turned around.He was a few feet away from me.''You know.When I signed up for this.I didn't think it would be this easy...My boss sent me to kidnap you.So, don't make this hard..Huh?!''he said looking left.A black motorcycle was charging toward us.The bike stopped in between the two of us.''Hurry.Get on,Saya!''The guy sa
    id to me.I didn't hesitate.I jumped on the bike and me and him rode away from the guy who tried to kidnap me.I felt safe with him.I knew voice it was Kenji,I was sure I safe with him.But I had to find out what was going on.