• Chapter 3:
    The Vampires and the Team Fight

    I looked at Matt and he was trying to walk, I walked towards him and put his arm around me, and my arm around his back. I looked at him worried about his condition but he really needs rest so he could heal up. “That’s my uncle Steve by the way.” Matt whispered in my ear. His Uncle was talking, “So like the rest of the family it’s activated by anger, and I know you well enough to know insults don’t work.” He said. I looked at Matt he nodded a bit. “Ok time for you to support yourself we both know you can if you are willing.” My eyes widen and Matt gently pushes me to the side and he claps. “What is this guy up to?!? I’m sure he knows Matt is in no condition!” I thought. His uncle Steve grabbed me and put a knife to my neck.
    “Uncle Steve, don’t bluff like that.” Matt says to him.
    “Who said I was bluffing?” he said. I felt the knife cut me a little and a sliver of pain went through my mind. I looked at Matt he was mad, and charged at him and I. Steve pushed me to Matt and he catches me, spinning and let me go. I felt a little dizzy but this wound on my neck my powers won’t heal. I looked at Matt and he was about to punch Steve and he caught it and kicks him into the wall and pins him. I wanted to kick that a*****e and grab him and take him outside or to his room. I watched the fight and Mary stop the fight. I leaned on the wall, looking down, my powers are growing and I still think about Matt’s health. I looked at Matt and he was walking and I ran towards him.
    “Where are you going?!” he didn’t answer and still kept walking, I had to catch him. “What’s wrong?” I was worried, and he still didn’t answer and that kind of ticks me off to not get an answer out of him. “I’m going to beat the s**t out of you, if you don’t start talking to me.” I really mean it and he still won’t reply. “Fine have it your way.” I took a deep breath and kick him. He grabbed my leg and pulls me right against him. I blush and couldn’t help it.
    “Why do you want the answer? To a question I don’t have the answer to.”
    “Cause last I checked, I’m dating you. I wonder what you’re thinking most of the time.” s**t. Did I say those 3 words? I looked at him.
    “What is in my head no one needs to know. I don’t even want to know what’s in there.” He explained. I smiled a bit.
    “So why pull me in this close just to say that?” I asked.
    “Cause there is a scout right there.” He points to the roof. I saw the black crow and I looked down really embarrassed and disappointed. Not knowing what to say or do, he lifts my head and kissed me, I kissed him back wrapping my arms around his neck. He let go of my leg and wraps his arms around my waist. Feeling his lips against mine, the loving feeling was going through my body. We stop kissing and I lean on him listening to his heartbeat and he and I hear voices.
    “Let’s kill them now, they look really juicy.” A male voice says.
    “No, no, no wait for the leader, she will want dibs.” Another male voice replies.
    “But I’m hungry, and the girl looks breath taking. I just want a nibble.” That irritated me. We hear a loud smack.
    “Are you looking to get killed tonight? You know I can find more male vampires worth my time. Now remove the cover!” A female voice says. We can see who was talking. The girl wearing leather with cleavage showing looks 16, maybe 17. 5ft 2, long blonde hair, red eyes. The male looked 18, black hair red eyes, jeans and a purple shirt more like a drifter, the other male same age, brown hair, red eyes white shirt an old high school jacket and jeans a bit of a jock. “So can we drain them now?” the drifter says.
    “No Kyle, now shut up about that or you’re going to die.” She yells at him.
    “But I’m so hungry, and you can have the other one!” Kyle says he jumps. My powers aren’t charged yet, Matt looked at that vampire. We hear a gun shot and he falls out of the sky. The girl walks and shoots him two more time in the head with her shot gun with a rotating chamber. I looked at the type of bullets. Pure Silver bullets can kill a vampire or a werewolf. “God I hated him and I was really tired of threatening him.” Matt and I looked at the girl as she sighed.
    “Um yeah, aren’t you and the other guy supposed to kill us or something?” he asked. What a stupid question!
    “Why you want to die?” she asked.
    “You really want me to answer that question?” She walked to us and smelled us, “You and her love each other, but you’re just starting out, and you don’t fear us but that’s because you have felt death many times before as for her,” She pauses and I looked at Matt then at her, “Keep her near you, she may be the only thing that will stop you.”
    “What do you mean?” he asked.
    “Nothing.” She looked at us; “We will meet again,” The two vampires jump away and vanished. I didn’t know what that girl means. “Let’s go,” matt says to me. I took his hand and we walk back to the house. We were walking and I just wanting to burn that vampire’s body. “Hey how old are you?” Matt asked.
    “I’m eighteen,” I answered. “Why you ask?” I looked at him.
    “Cause I was wondering, if theirs is someone we need to call.” I remembered.
    “Yeah I need to tell my dad where I ran off to so my mom won’t get mad at him.” I looked at him as he nodded, “Ok,” We entered the back gate. “Run inside and call your parents.” He told me, I nodded and I run inside and grabbed my cell. I pressed one number and pressed the send button.
    “VanArsdales.” My dad answered. I took a deep breath to save myself,
    “Yeah I’m fine I’m at a guy’s place, that I ran into. Don’t worry I’m fine and I’ll explain everything when I get back home.”
    “Ok, just to let you know mom won’t be happy about that, and you still need to train, be safe ok?”
    “Ok dad, I’ll see you later.” I nodded.
    “Ok, bye, bye.”
    “Later.” I closed my phone and sighed. Mom is never happy about things I do; all I do is train and other things. It’s a pain in my neck; I open the door and walked towards Matt. I saw some words come out of his mouth. Damn not be able to lip read. I sat down and he kissed my cheek. I smiled and looked at him. “My parents are fine now.” I told him, he nodded. “That’s good to know. He stood up and put me down. It was 1 o’clock in the morning, and his dad walked outside. “Matt get some rest you’re going to need it.” He told him.
    “Alright, I’ll get some sleep.” He replied to him and he walked inside. I stood outside. “Don’t you need sleep Michelle?” Jake asked. I looked at him. “Yeah, I do but I need to summon my animals and send them off to hunt.” I told him. He and Torrey tilted their heads. My eyes turn a soft lavender and light blue and my wolf, eagle, and my new fox appear and my cat demon appears. “So you’re an animal summoner.” Jake assumed.

    “Not really. I’m just special, cause of 11 years ago. Torrey you can go.” He flipped me off and walked inside. I looked at Jake. “What happened 11 years ago?” he asked.
    “I don’t know, I was young and my grandfather died in that war. All I know is that I blacked out and I woke up on a table with a mark on my chest, no you can not see it.” I waited for my animals to come back. He nodded, “I understand. So are you going to be ok?”
    “Yeah, I’ll see you later.” I waved and he walked home. I jumped and landed on the roof staring at the sky. Kokutan jumped and nodded that he was finished eating, I snapped my fingers and he disappeared. Moonlight, North Wing and my new fox jumped to me and I snapped my fingers and they disappeared instead of the fox, he landed on my lap. “Let’s call you…Little Chew.” I smiled and it nodded and disappeared.” I jumped down and entered the house thinking of that day. I slowly entered Matt’s door to see if he’s sleeping. I slowly swayed left to right a little sleepy and I felt matt’s hand grabbed and I closed the door with my foot and he let me lay on him. He was very comfortable, better than my bed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep using him as a pillow; I roll over on him and took a deep breath hoping that nightmare won’t come again. All night I didn’t have that nightmare. I woke up and it was 8 o’clock, perhaps no one is awake I got up and noticed I was sleeping on Matt. He looked cute sleeping I just watched him sleep for 30 minutes and I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, and put on some clean clothes, so far it was my black tank top and jeans, and underwear. I went outside and did my training of peace. I saw Wayne walking outside.
    “You are up early.” He smiled. I was still stretching, “Yeah, that’s how my body works. I’ll be back; I need to get something to eat.” He nodded and smiled and waved a little running and jumping over the fence looking for a near by restaurant. I stop by a Burger King and they were open, I ordered a breakfast sandwich and orange juice and ate on my way back. Mom’s demon comes along with a dog disguise.
    “You know you shouldn’t be stalking me, right?”
    “I know, but mom’s orders to watch over you.”
    “Do me a favor and go home, I’ll back in a few days!” I jumped up and jumped off roofs and trees to go to Matt’s house faster, leaving that little demon so I could have a brunch. I landed on the front of the house finishing my breakfast, and entering the house. Torrey and Jake sparing at each other, Wayne making breakfast for the boys, and Matt still sleeping, its noon so I better wake him up. “Michelle, wake up Matt, he needs to train.” I nodded and open the door. I walk inside and he is already up. “Sorry I did mean to fall asleep on you, you’re really comfortable.” I was apologizing, “Oh no worries, I’m not complaining,” He smiles going to the chair near his computer. He sat down and looked at me. I slightly tilted my head and asked, “What are you looking at?”
    “You really want to know?”
    “Yes, I would like to know.” I looked at him and he softy grabs my hand, and pulled me towards him, got on top of him and lay on him looking at him just resting my arms on his arms, I adjusted my legs and I just lay on him, looking at his eyes. Those blue eyes, soft, gentle and yet, they are beautiful. I never knew I would fall in love with him. My heart is beating fast, I can't believe its happening, but the moment was ruined when his dad walks in, “It's time,” he said. I stood up and grab his hand and walked outside. Torrey, Jake and Wayne are waiting; my gut is telling me that this isn't good. “Well sleepy you ready for a butt kicking?” Wayne laughed. “Ok, who am I fighting?” Matt asked.
    “Not who, but they should be asking,” He said.
    “Ok fine, who are they then old man?” Matt asked. I lightly tapped Matt's arm, and pointed at Torrey and Jake.
    “Ok. What are the rules?”
    “Why are you asking? You already know there are no rules. And you know the mach is started.” Torrey says as he punched Matt in the ribs. I jumped back and watched the fight; I sat down by Wayne controlling my power on how much Matt is fighting hard.
    “They're strong and equality matched.” I said. I sat back looked at Matt, and Matt was hurt. I stood up and run towards him, kicking the knight in the nuts and punched the other. My hand glows blue and started healing Matt quicker than me. Torrey picked me up and throws me to the side, I landed on the ground. I stood up, and saw Matt's sharp fangs and wolf like eyes, I ran towards him. “Matt calm down! I'm not even hurt or scratched.” I told him but he tries to go around me. I keep getting in front of him of him and my hand is glowing as I put my hand on his heart seeing visions of his pain and rage. I fell down and, got a head ache. Matt helped me up and took me inside. Wayne saw my face and he knew. My body is weak, I don't what happened. Some how I think I saw death.