• Prolouge
    The dark gray room was eerie in its emptiness. With neon blue aquarium lights cast upon the circular walls as the seemingly impenetrable silence lies over the room. Suddenly there is a disturbance behind the stainless steel door, a loud thump, and the clattering of feet on sterile tile floors. The door swings open, allowing the white lights to shock the room into high relief. Four people enter arguing. A woman is walking in front, excreting the cool confidence of a dictator. Her voice is ice as it splits the veil of silence. “Quiet!” she hisses.
    The three men behind her halt as she sits down gracefully on a modern gray armchair. She motions for them to take the opposite three. “Now” she says coolly, “what seems to be the problem?” She looks at them with a carefully composed expectance, her eyes hinting at a cruel menace. A bald man clears his throat and exclaims in a high reedy voice.
    “It’s those god-forsaken experiments!” he cries in fury. A skeleton man speaks beside him.
    “The Twins and the Death-Talker!” he is quite obviously Canadian. “They managed to escape from their cages! AGAIN!” he is blustering with frustration.
    The woman’s eyes widen momentarily in an incredulous fury, then returns to the carefully composed mask. The tension in the room is stifling. None of the men dare to speak. There is once again a disturbance behind the door, louder and more violent. The door bursts open revealing the source of the disturbance. No longer muffled the sounds are identified as the furious cries and beatings of three kids on the verge of escape, fighting off nine very muscular security guards. The kids seem to be winning. There are two girls and a boy, the boy looks identical to one of the girls, even in battle they both have a golden air, fighting with feline agility. While the third girl was defiantly older than the other two silver hair flying as she fought with an almost unearthly strength. The boy is almost free when one of the guards shocked him with a long tazer-like stick only he falls immobile. The girl who looks like him screams in pain and fury as worry laces her voice. “Leo!” she struggles against the two guards holding her requiring another to hold her as the man who shocked the boy picked him up and handcuffed him behind his back rendering him partially immobile. The other guard does the same to the girl and shoves her into the room first. The remaining girl and boy scream in fear and fury “Cleo!” Then they too are shoved into the room. The metal door slams shut behind them with a final sounding boom. The kids cease struggling, sensing perhaps that there is no escape. They are forced into a line as six of the guards leave the room. The other three personnel remaining hold the kids up to face the woman and men. She examines their faces. The older girl has long silver hair still pin-strait even after the exertion of battle, it frames her pale angular face, now contorted with fury, her silver eyes menacing, like cold daggers, she is obviously the ‘death-talker’ that the man referred to. She stares at the woman, hateful. She opens her mouth to say something when the other girl stop’s her.
    “Bones…don’t even think about it!” Bones looks at the girl out of the corner of her eye and remains silent. The woman turns to the girl who spoke, the one called Cleo. She has short wild white-blond hair. It has gold streaks in it and frames her golden tanned face. As of now she is looking down, clearly unhappy with being captured, her bangs hide her eyes. The woman reaches out to lift her face when the girl’s twin speaks sharply. “Don’t you dare touch her!” there is a cold warning to his voice. The woman ignores him and defiantly yanks the girls face up, though not with out difficulty. “You will obey me experiment! You have no right to hide your face from me.” She hisses cruelly. The girl called Cleo glares at her, fire raging in her gold eyes; she spits at the woman and speaks. “Give me one good reason to ‘obey’ heartless scum like you!” She challenges.
    The woman merely smiles evilly at her and states in a calm voice. “Because I am heartless!” she slaps Cleo across the face, causing Leo to wince in pain as Cleo does. Then she turns to Leo. He looks practically identical to Cleo only his hair is calmer and shaped differently. Once more there are disturbances behind the door, loud yelling and screaming. A guard rushes in panting. “THE EXPERIMENTS HAVE ESCAPED! ALL OF THEM! THEY’VE BEEN SET FREE!!!” he rushes out of the room.
    “WHAT!” the third man explodes. He leaps up, runs to the door and out. The Woman’s calm demeanor is gone. She turns on the three “what have you done!” her voice is shrill.
    Cleo smirks at her, her own version of an evil smile upon her lips. “Why, whatever do you mean Heartless?” her voice is patronizingly innocent. Bones smiles cruelly at her. “Do you think we had something to do with all of the experiments being set free so you could never touch them again? Why that’s…probably the only smart thing you’ve said in your entire life.” She seems be having fun demining the woman. Leo only smirks.
    The woman is obviously livid. The door bursts open one last time this time dragging in seven more kids. All of them fighting and furious, all of them rendered useless by their bonds. The woman suddenly has an idea; her face is once again a cruel mask of evil. The kids go still sensing the sinister waves emanating from her. She smiles. “Benard?” she calls mildly to the man who has just entered the room once again. “Bring me the memory swipe, will you? I just may have a most…perfect solution to our little problem…” she laughs cruelly…