• It is impossible to deny the hate that exists in all our hearts. It is a solid fact. Yet can we also deny the love that is so mysterious and powerful withind the human soul? And still, one can be so easily mistaken from the other. why is it that humans are so complicated, why bother with emotions? Why can they not just simply come out with the words, "I love you", or "I hate you"? Is this why some become so confused and lost?
    I remember very clearly the day that I escaped to earth. Yes, on a night filled wih such confusion.When the rain would not stop and the sky dyed with greving grey clouds.
    I was so afraid the wet and cold were something I had only learnt about by looking down on Humans. Befoe then, I had never known how lonely someone could get, how betrayal feels so venomous. let alone what these feelings were. Especially someone who was born with the promise of eternal companionship with the King of heaven. However, I have already learnt that these are false promises.The 'King of Heaven' never promised us anything. In my eyes, and it was only my eyes, that could see the truth. The 'Lord' never existed. When people said that 'Jesus' came down from heaven, they were only partially right. A better way to put it would be an operative from H.E.A.V.E.N. Operation codename. Objective, G.O.D. - Global Order and Domination. Life continues when you die, it is a true fact, like hate and love. However unlike emotions it happenes to everyone.
    It is not a good thing.

    To achive their objection G.O.D, H.E.A.V.E.N will do anything, and anything just happens to be Armegeddon, Raganrok, Apocylipse. Ever wonder why Mayans suddenly vanished from the band of the human existance? If you dont already know about the mayans, let me tell you. They were an ancient civilisation extremely skilled in predicting the future. Their charts plotted dates centuries into the future. The Mayans successfully plotted dates to coincide with events such as, world war I and II, the cold war, revolutions, Tsunamis, days that shook the world. And just before they were annihilated, they secretly hid one important date, that just years from now will be uncovered. a date that should have been eradicated from the world.

    APOCYLILIPSE- Estimated date, 20th of December 2012.