• I was in a car this one day with my friends Taylor, Austin and Denver. We were 16. So we had our driver's license. Denver turned on the light. My ex-crush Jacob was there dead. " HOLY CRAP! What did you do to him!?" I yelled. "You did wanted him to feel your pain so here he is..." Austin said. "He was a D*** any ways." Denver said

    Those words echoed in my head I HATE YOU. I said that to Jacob after he broke my wrist and left me for seven hours.

    I knew i wasn't getting out of this. S***! "There's no way We can run." I said. "We aren't running. Besides he's just unconscious." Taylor said. FML. Still I never meant I wanted to make him know how I felt. Jacob's eyes were slightly opened. Next Denver tied a rope around Jacob and I. "What the f*** are you doing." I snapped

    Slowly we went to Denver's apartment. Denver locked us in here. He slammed the door shut.
    It's like that saying. NEVER SHOUT NEVER cause if you do you will be sorry.

    Jacob woke up blaming it all on me. Never will I talk to him. I will remember those three bold wordsNEVER SHOUT NEVER.