• tab No… Cillia was too stunned to move. She just sat there, eyes blank. “It…can’t be”
    tab “It is” Allester stood and gestured towards the door. “Time to go”
    tab She got up fast, angry, and shouted, “Go where, huh? Prison? I’m a knight and I’ve broken a law! I even got defeated by those monsters. I’m not worth anything anymore—I’ve never been worth anything!” I might as well die like the useless corpse I am.
    tab Allester grabbed her arm and pulled her outside. Cillia was struggling along the way. She screamed and punched and kicked. Allester ignore all her pestering and continued walking fiercely. They went past trees and bushes. The sun was hiding behind all the leaves that towered high in the branches. Then they stopped. He let go, practically tossing her arm. They faced each other with clenched teeth, seething with anger.
    tab “You want to be dead? To leave this world and be forgotten as who you are?” Allester yells at her.
    tab Cillia flinched at the tone of his voice and replied back with the same force, “Yes! I want them all to forget who I am! To forget Cillia—Cillia the knight, the friend that they knew”
    tab “But you already died” then, calmer, he said, “At the hospital. You died at the hospital. Cillia the knight, the person everyone knew, was gone the day you left the hospital. Now you’re not a knight. Now you’re a user—my user” they both knew that she didn’t really die, but that was the day that she changed who she really was.
    tab Cillia didn’t know what to say. She just stared at him, arms to her side. It was when Allester broke eye contact that she realized she was crying. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Cillia reached up and touched the wetness of her face. I’m crying…I’m crying. The last time she cried was when she was three. That’s when her mother died, leaving her all alone.
    tab Allester never dealt with someone crying before. He always stayed well away from humans, and interacting with them usually cost them their lives. He scratched his head, looking towards the distance. “Lets go” he turned his back on her and started walking.
    tab The wind blew Cillia’s hair. She felt the slightest shimmer of Allester’s mind. A smile spread on her lips and she giggled. Your ok, Allester. He never told her his name, but she already knew it. The memory Cillia saw in his mind was during the fight with the monster, the Honstuki’s. Allester had stepped into the scene and killed the three monsters, saving everyone. She always had a respect for saviors. Your ok.
    tab Allester looked over his shoulder and said impatiently, “Hurry up”
    tab “I’m coming” Cillia says, rushing towards him, ready to start her new life.

    to be continued
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