• There once was a old man. This man lived alone in a nursing home. His friends where the nurses that cared for him. His family would visit once a month.
    The old man didn’t know how his life had flown by without him knowing. It was gone within a blink of a eye. Now the days are dragging by. He often thinks over past times. He thinks of family and friends that have gone before him. He remembers the lessons learned.
    His day is the same as the day before. He longs for change. Often he wants to go back and time and change things. He longs for the time that he wasted not realizing how precious the time was.
    Time goes by for the old man. He celebrates holiday with the few family members he still has. He meets new friends that come to the nursing home. He watches as the world changes. He hears the complaints about the new time. Though most of the time he remembers.
    He remembers serving in the second great war. He remembers growing up during the depression. He remembers finding how to survive even when he thought he wouldn’t make it out. He remembers getting married to his high school sweet heart. He remembers having kids then grandkids.
    Life for the old man is long. He lives through much. He lived through hard times and each time making it would make him stronger. Yet at an old age that strength didn’t matter. His memories are what keep him going. Even when there wasn’t much left for the old man he still had his memories. His memories are what he took with him when he left.
    The old man left and joined his friends and family not that long ago. He took his memories. Those same memories are what people shared about him when he was gone.
    That old man with the memories is now with those who helped him make those memories. He still remembers those memories although he doesn’t need them anymore.
    That old man didn’t have a name. Even without a name we all remember him. He was that old man we always saw but never knew. We often thought of him and wondered about his story. Now his story has been told. He isn’t among us anymore but forever in our memories.