• Blood...? What is it that draws me to it so much? Why do I make myself bleed just so I can see it run down my arm with such interest I want to do it over and over again? Its amazing that I havent drained myself of all blood in my body I do it so often.
    At the most I make myself bleed twice a day in the bathroom with the door locked and only the light above the shower is one, giving off a dime light. Just so I dont have to look myself in the eye.
    I know what I would see...
    A pale man with cat ears and a tail to go with the ears. His face the color of cream and his eyes filled with wonder and curiousity when ever he say that crimson liquid flowing out of him. And then guilt would oddly set in because he couldnt get rid of his urges to see his own blood.
    I stood in front of the mirror with a small stream blood ran down the bowl like sink, staring at in amazement.
    Call me what you wish. I dont care. I do what makes me happy.
    The sound of someone knocking on the front door made me jump.
    "Coming!" I shout grabbing a wash cloth and putting it over the fresh wound.
    S***! Who would be at my front door so late in the night!?
    I ran out into the living room and looked down at my arm.
    The distignt scent of blood filled my nose and I couldnt help but go pale, thinking that the person at the door would smell it too and find out that I had been bleeding myself...
    I opened the front door and jumped.
    "Hello?" I ask poking my head out into the hall way.
    No one?
    Who the hell is it?! Was someone ringing my door bell and then running away?
    I sighed. "A** hole." I hiss slamming the door shut.
    My arm stung, but I was used to it. Its not the depest I've ever cut into my skin before.
    I locked the front door and turned around.
    A shadow moved that seemed to be coming from inside the bathroom.
    I blinked in confusion for a second before desiding to go see if it was the neighbors cat again.
    Almost all of my neighbors have cats, so it wouldnt surprise me if one of them got out and then snuck into my house today.
    I walked into the bathroom and growled. "Alright you stupid cat, get out." I say looking around the bathroom for the d*** thing.
    "Where is it?" I ask getting annoyed.
    Throwing the shower door open and stepping in I began to wonder if it might have a robber...
    No... How would the burgler have gotten in? Thats just rediculous of me to think.
    The sound of slurping made me jump and freeze.
    What is that? I ask as a chill went down my back.
    The sound stopped and then was replaced with the sound of the sinks faucet being turned on.
    I turned around and saw a shadow hovering over the sink. I gasped and opened the other shower door. "Hey!"
    The shadow disapeared.
    I swallowed and looked at the sink that was still spitting water out.
    What the...?
    Maybe I'm just helusinating because of blood lose...
    I smirked and wrubbed my eyes. "Okay... I should go to bed now..." I say chuckling and walking up to the sink.
    Turning the nozle and seeing that all the blood that had been in the sink was now gone.
    I cocked an eyebrow.
    The blood had been all the way up to the rim of the sink... How could the water reach all the way up to that point with out flooding over? Or getting on the floor?
    I stepped back and looked at the tile.
    Nothing... Not a drop of blood or water had been layed out on the floor...
    I sighed and took out some blean bandage wrap to put around my arm.
    As I started covering the wound I started to hear creaking noises out in the living room.
    I closed my eyes and told myself I was just hearing things again.
    Jeez... If I wanted to see something as odd as this I could put in a Stephen King movie and turn off all the lights. That would measure up to just how weird this is...
    Whats going on with me?
    Just as I was about to cut the cloth I saw a hand reach around my waist and try to grab at my arm.
    I jumped and dropped both the roll of cloth and scisors onto the floor. I gasped and spun around.
    Nothing. Only the towel rack behind me.
    I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.
    A smirk grew over my face. "I'm going insane now... Thats perfect." I laugh bending down and grabbing the scisors.
    I reached for the cloth when I suddenly saw someones feet, the person wore shinning flats that covered his feet up to his black suit pants.
    I jumped and slashed at the persons legs with the scisors.
    The person turned into black smoke and was gone.
    I fell back against the sinks body and stared at where I had seen the persons legs. My eyes wide and fear filled them like jelly fills those dohnut things.
    God, what the hell is this? A dream? A nightmare? A hilucination?
    Am I passed out on the bathroom floor, dying from blood lose or something?
    My heart raced and I could feel every part of my getting cold.
    I should get off the floor before I catch a cold... I tell myself trying not to think of the person that had just been standing behind me, and then turned into smoke right before my eyes.
    Standing up was rather hard when your so scared your shaking and cant feel your legs.
    I could barely feel the tip of my ears and my tail was a huge frize ball.
    But I stood up and held onto the sink for support.
    The scisors in my hand reminded me suddenly that I needed to cut the cloth.
    Okay... I think quickly cutting the bandage wrap and leaving the cloth roll on the floor, not caring anymore. I grabbed a grip to hold the cloth from unrolling and clipped it on.
    I walk out of the bathroom and head for my room. Just wanting to go to bed.
    A cold feeling suddenly made me shiver and my ears go numb.
    Why is it so cold in here? I ask myself.
    The bedroom was only feet away and I just wanted to stop and go to sleep on the floor, with a blanket wrapped around me and covering my head so I wouldnt have to see the shadow anymore.
    But that wasnt possible.
    I was only maybe six feet from my bed room door and the cold feeling worsened on me. My back felt the coldest.
    Was somone standing behind me?
    No... I locked the door... And I live on the twelve floor. The only person that would have been able to get in here was Spider man. And he doesnt exsist, so...
    Thats not very possible...
    A deep chuckle made my blood run cold and my heart stop. "It would seem my magic is working rather slowly on you."
    I swallowed and froze.
    A cold hand went on my shoulder. "Are you feel drozey?"
    An odd feeling over flooded me and my mouth opened without any hesitation. "Yes, sir."
    He chuckled. "Good."
    What did I just say? Whats going on? Who is he? What is he doing in my house!?
    "Go to the bedroom." He orders.
    I nodded and my feet moved on there own.
    What the h***!? Why am I moving!?
    Stop walking! I tell myself trying to stop.
    He chuckled and gripped my shoulder tightly. "You know telling yourself to stop in your head wont do anything, dont you?"
    "I do now." I hiss.
    He laughed. "Now that I have tasted your blood I can get you to do what ever I want. Your resistance is like telling god to show himself, its never going to happen."
    I swallowed and looked down at my arm.
    His other hand reached around me and grabbed my arm.
    I winced.
    My body turned and went into the bedroom.
    S***! What is he planning!?
    "Stop." He orders gripping my arm tightly.
    I threw my head back and cried out in pain.
    He laughed and dug his nails into the bandage. "I like it when they scream."
    I bit my lip and tried to keep from screaming.
    If thats what he wants, he wont get it.
    The grip I used to keep the bandage from unwrapping started to get into my open wound, the teeth of the grip like an animals.
    Tears formed in my eyes and I grit my teeth.
    "Scream for me." He ordered.
    My mouth opened but I forced it to close.
    No. I wont give in.
    He growled deep in his chest and held onto my arm even tighter. "Scream!"
    I shook my head and whimpered alittle.
    He spun me around and glared down into my eyes. His own eyes were deep red, the color of blood.
    They fascinated me. Intrigued me. Made me curious.
    What is he?
    He grinned and revealed his kenins to be larger and sharper then a normal humans, or Neko's; but not big enough to be a Werewolves.
    "What do you want?" I ask trying to pull my suffering arm away from him.
    He leaned down and put his mouth only inches from my neck. "I want..." His nose rubbed up against my necks soft skin.
    I was breathing quicker and quicker, unable to show that I wasnt scared.
    Heck, I was scared s***less...
    His cold tongue went over my skin next, leaving a trail of liquid that made the skin feel like it was tingling.
    What the h*** is he!?
    Wait... Red eyes... Fangs... Cold skin... Drinking blood...
    "Vampire..." I say out loud; unable to keep it in.
    He laughed. "Just figuring it out?"
    I glared at him. "F*** you!" I hiss.
    He pulled away and looked down at me in confusion. "Why are my spells not working on you anymore?" He says taking a step back. "What are you?"
    I growled at him. "What do I look like, idiot!?"
    He smiled. "Your right. Your just a stupid cat." He says grabbing my wounded arm again and gripping with so much stregth he could strangle someone easily, and kill them. "You are no different then anyother creature."
    That was a lie.
    I was part Neko and part Werewolf. I couldnt change into wolf form when ever I wanted like normal Werewolves could, but I have changed before. Then again... That was when I was seven years old...
    I growl at him and grab his arm.
    There was a feeling like something was trying to hold me back from doing it though. Like weights were attached to every part of my body.
    Diging my nails into his skin I could feels cold blood running past my fingers.
    He cried out in pain and threw me away from him. "You peice of s***!"
    I smirked. "Your wrong about me being a normal Neko, Vampire. I'm mixed with your worst enemy out there."
    He narrowed his eyes at me, holding his bleeding arm. "And what would that be?"
    I grinned. "Werewolf."
    He growled at me and sneered, revealing his fangs to me again.
    "What are you going to do now, Vampire?" I ask revealing my own sharpened teeth.
    "Well I already had a sample of your blood, so I might make you jump out of a window while you sleep." He teased smirking.
    "And if I never fall asleep?"
    "Then I'll drink you dry."
    I growl at him.
    He chuckled. "Why dont you let me start now?" He asks grabbing me by my hair and throwing my head back. "Stay still." He orders.
    More weight was added to my body and I couldnt move.
    He leaned forward and licked over my skin again.
    It tingled and I felt myself go weaker.
    "Good." He laughed.
    I felt his hand travel down my stomach to between my legs. I moaned and wrapped my tail around his leg.
    He was about to bite into my skin when he stopped and grinned. "No. I want you to enjoy this as much as I am." He said starting to take off my shirt.


    I woke with almost all of my body in pain. Aching, worth moaning for, pain.
    No one sleeping beside me.
    I growled and sat up.
    My head started to pulse and my rear was cold, but felt like it was on fire.
    What the...?
    Oh yeah...
    Then I fell asleep.
    I sighed and felt my neck, making sure I didnt have any bite marks.
    But I had bruises and scratches all over my body.
    Great... I say in my head looking at the splatches of blue on my skin.
    I stood up and walked to my dresser.
    Wobbling and almost falling over a lot as I made my way over there, actually. I felt light headed and like I was going to pass out from all the pain.
    I moaned and hit my head with my hand. "I'm an idiot!" I hiss.
    A peice of paper on the dresser caught my attention.
    A note...?
    I pick it up and start reading.
    Dear creature,
    I had enjoyed our time last night. I have never met your species before. So it was an honor to be the first one of my kind to come across you.
    I hope the after affects of my love arent too painful for you. But if they are you can always retreat into the bathroom and drain away your problems. I will even clean up the mess for you. {Your body and all the blood you waisted}
    But it leaves me colder to say that I must leave. I could not stay with you anylonger. If I had I would have burned into nothing from the suns rays.
    I may visit you if I feel that my urges are uncontrollable.

    See you at your funeral...

    What the h***? He'll see me at my funeral!? What is he talking about!?
    The sound of glass crashing made me jump out of my skin.
    I spun around and saw a man climbing in through my broken window.
    "Who are you?" I ask backing up against my dresser.
    Okay... This is getting really nerve wracking.
    First a Vampire breaks into my house and has his way with me.
    Then he leaves and note that says 'See you at your funeral'.
    And now there's a creepy guy breaking in through my window on the twelve floor!
    Whats next!? Is an elf going to take me to the north freakin pole!?
    A deep and dark chuckle came from the man. "Dont you remember me?"
    I swallow. "I thought you said you couldnt stay because you would burn up?"
    He laughs. "Oh. Well I also said I might visit you if I couldnt control my urges."
    "And whats this about?" I hiss holding out the note. "See you at your funeral!? What the f*** is that suppost to mean!?"
    He grinned and stepped into the light better.
    His entire body was covered in clothing, so he wouldnt be touched by the suns rays. And it was all black too... Except the sun glasses, they were a dark red color.
    "You'll find that out soon enough." He says turning into smoke and disapearing from my sight.
    I gasped and looked around me. "Hello? Knight?" I ask by calling his printed name from the note.
    A dark laugh came from behind me.
    Behind me? I was against a dresser. How could that be?
    I spun around and saw his head sticking out from the dresser, like the wood was made of water or something. I gasped and fell back on my a**.
    He chuckled and walked out, his whole body visable now. "I love it when they react like that." He says smiling wickedly.
    I glared at him. "You could have given me a heart attach!"
    He kneeled down and put his hand on my cheek. "Forgive me."
    I sighed and looked away from him. "Yeah, yeah."
    He smiled and strooked my cheek with his leather gluved hand. "Thank you, Thomas."
    "How do you know my name?" I ask looking at him.
    "I can read your mind and see your memories you know?" He grinned.
    "Oh..." I say feeling like an idiot.
    "And when I asked you your name in middle of our fun you made it sound so sexy as you moaned it to me." He says holding his face only an inch from mine.
    I growled at him. "Shut up, you-."
    He kissed my lips roughly and held my body against his, my arms hanging back limply.
    I glared into his eyes, not giving in like I did many times last night.
    Though, I have to admit, he did please me many times with his cold and gentle touch. He was really good at moving his hands and hips too...
    He pulled away and ran his hands down my back, caressing my rear cheeks, almost pinching him.
    I gasped and felt his tongue snake its way into my mouth.
    A grin grew on his lips and his ran his tongue over every part of my mouth. He hit a soft spot.
    I moaned and tried to push him away. "Dont."
    He chuckled. "You are saying that, but you dont mean it. And your body is obviously showing me this is true."
    He had me. I did like his touch. I liked him. But I also hated him. I wanted him to touch me all over. But I didnt want to hear the little voice in my head screaming at me to push him away.
    I hated him because he was able to over power me, and could get me to do what ever he wanted with only saying a few words.
    I hate you...
    He licked over my lips with his and then kissed me softly. "See you at your funeral." He whispered softly.
    I was about to ask what he said.
    A sharp pain went through me. I dont know where it started. But it ended at the center of my heart. I know that for a fact.
    Then the sound of somethind landing on the floor hard...
    I opened my eyes.
    I had been the thing that hit the floor.
    Warm blood trickled out of my open lips.
    Knight stood over me with a blank look on his face.
    I stared back at him, pleadingly. Unable to beg for help in words for some reason.
    He looked away. "I'm sorry."
    I tried to talk, but only ended up making gurgling noises.
    He sighed. "I didnt want to do this. But its my job to get rid of disgraces like your kind."
    Tears formed in my eyes.
    So... He was only here to kill me because I was a mixture of two species?
    "I was given a job to hunt you down and get rid of you. So thats what I'm doing. For some reason my body wouldnt allow me to do it last night. So I had to wait till you woke up." He says with a raspiness in his tone. "But when I kill someone I always attend to their funeral."
    "Just to let you know I'm killing you the most painless way I know." He looked down into my eyes again. "And thats by forcing your body to attack itself. But that is very painful, so I ruined your nerve system, so you wouldnt have to feel it. Thank me, I'm being generous."
    Tears fell down my face and I could feel my heart almost completely stopping.
    "I'm not sorry." He says turning to head out the door.
    I reached out to him with my hand, trying to say his name, making more gurgling noises.
    He stopped and turned to face me. "What now?"
    I smirked and flicked him off.
    He chuckled and waved. "Right back at you."
    Jack a**...
    He turned around and opened the bedroom door. "Just to let you know... You were really good... And me happier then I have ever felt in my entire immortal life." He suddenly faced me again, taking off his sun glasses.
    I blinked at him in confusion.
    His blood red eyes were streaming with tears. "Thank you."
    I nodded and felt my body get really heavy suddenly.
    "I'll visit your grave every day, I promise." He said bowing his head and turning away.
    You liar.
    Coldness and the deepest of blacks surrounded me.
    "Come rest." Says a soft warm voice.
    I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be taken away.
    "Good, Thomas. Will you miss anyone?" Asks the warm voice.
    I nodded.
    "And who would that be?"
    "Knight." I say.
    "I see... Would you like to see him?"
    I nodded.
    The darkness opened up and revealed a scene in a Graveward.
    A black thombstone that had my name writen on it and Moon Lillies rested against it.
    But there was someone standing over the grave...
    His hair the color of a dark brown and his eyes the color of blood, he looked down at the ground, his head hung there.
    Harsh rain fell from the sky that seemed to try and beat the man up, or cause him pain.
    "Knight!" I shout reaching out to him.
    He didnt react. He acted as though he couldnt hear.
    "Your voice can not be heard by the living. Even if his heart has stopped forever, his soul is still clinging to the earth, so it is impossible for him to hear you at all." The warm voice says.
    Tears formed in my dead eyes and I stepped in front of him, looking up at his face. "Knight..." I say putting my hand on his cheek.
    His eyes widened and he seemed like he just realized something. "Thomas."
    I smiled.
    "This is not possible." The voice says sounding worried.
    I put my other hand on his other cheek. "Hello, a** hole."
    He seemed like he couldnt see me, but like he could feel me.
    The voice grabbed my hands. "No." It hissed.
    I pulled away. "I want to!"
    "How dare you!" The voice bellowed. "I d*** you!" It said.
    My dead body went cold and I could feel something growing out of my back.
    I turned my head and saw wings. Black wings.
    "I d*** you to become a Fallen Angel! You will be that Vampires guardian since you love him so much!" She bellowed.
    I didnt care. As long as I was able to care for and see Knight everyday.
    I'm I just lying to myself? Is this all just another dream of mine?
    Knight chuckled. "I feel so stupid for killing you."
    I turned to him. "Glade to hear it."
    Dont expect me to say I love you, fool.