• Micheal, as usual, was having one of his "omg i can't believe i did that" moments. His big brother, Tyler, made fun of him because he got some of that phrase from the "i can't believe thats not butter" commercial. Well, today was a terrible day for Micheal. He was at dinner when his dad brought up the topic about family reunion tommorrow. His Uncle Steve was coming from Maryland, or so his dad said. Micheal always thinks his dad is hiding something about his side of the family, but can't guess what it is. When the topic came up, Micheal actually forced a terrible bad word out of his mouth(i'm not going to type it). His mom yelled at him so loud that somewhere in Hong Kong, someone would say,"Did you say something?" Then he was grounded for until his relatives came for family reunion. Micheal always played the Nintendo DS while he was grounded, but his mom or dad never noticed. Whenever he's grounded, he keeps the door closed and the volume on the DS low, but not too low.

    Family reunion came, and believe it or not, Micheal was excited. He kept looking out the window to see if Uncle Tim, his favorite uncle, came. Micheal always knew that Uncle Tim came first. Uncle Tim finally arrived and Micheal ran out to greet him." Hey kiddo! How are you?", Uncle Tim asked Micheal with excitement." I'm doing great!", Micheal replied. Micheal didn't mention the being grounded and all that, because he didn't want his favorite uncle to be disoppointed. Aunt Julie came out of Uncle Tim's car and greeted Micheal. Uncle Jason(hint hint), all dressed in black, came next, with a luxury limousine, painted black(guessed who it is yet?), pulled up in the driveway and honked a beeeeeeeeeeeeep, which Micheal and Uncle Tim found annoying. Uncle Jason came out of the limo, wearing a fancy black hat(Micheal was guessing he was rich), and waved a friendly "hello" to his brother Tim. Micheal noticed that he was wearing all black. Wow, I never knew I had a rich uncle., Micheal thought with amazement. It started to get dark, and Micheal looked at his watch and found out it was 3:00 p.m." Ummm... is this normal for it to be dark at 3 o'clock p.m?", Micheal whispered in Uncle Tim's ear." I don't think so. Uncle Jason has a secret that he doesn't want you to know.", replied Uncle Tim. And with that, the weirdest thing happened. It started to snow dark spots, in Arizona.