• Looking around I saw nothing, reaching out as though my hands weren't even there I felt nothing not even the air. No wall, no object, nothing to grab onto. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a small light moving in the opposite direction. "Wait!" I yelled. My feet seemed to have left the ground yet it felt as though I was running on hot coals but I couldn't turn back. In the end it became hopeless. Screams of pain erupted all around me but still I saw nothing. As I began to slow down I tripped. Falling I looked up.

    Opening my eyes looking around it was silent. And the light was no longer there. I tried getting to my feet but I couldn't. My first thought was I paralyzed? Second could the impact really of had that kind of effect? After endless minutes lying on the ground I heard a familiar voice that I couldn't put a voice to until I heard another voice that said "I'm sorry he's gone." I knew the other voice had to be my moms and this voice a doctors and that they were talking about me. There was no question about it.

    I didn't understand and I couldn't find a clue for why I wasn't sad. Instead fear and heat engulfed me. As my skin became like ashes falling onto the ground. The temperature continued to rise until it was hotter than that of even the suns.

    I could feel something climbing all over me so I moved my eyes to my arm and watched as an army of maggots started covering me. The pain is indescribable all I knew was i wish i really was dead.