• Announcer- “This holiday season when all seemed lost for one G-corp Yeti...”

    Snowball- "I'm trying to find my family."

    Announcer- “And an elf trying to find himself...”

    Hugo- "Y'know, there just has to be more to life than just making toys!"

    Announcer- “A new evil mastermind hatches a plan…”

    Dr. Frigid- "Canceling Christmas is only the start. Then taking over Gaia, then the entire world… nothing can stand in my way!"

    Announcer- “Against all odds, an unlikely pair makes an unbreakable bond...”

    Snowball- "[Drool-drool]"
    Hugo- "Don't even think... No, no, no...!
    Snowball- "[Chomp]"
    Hugo- "HEY! Let go of the cane!"
    Snowball- "Buh ish so tashty!"

    Announcer- “Gaia Action 9 News calls it...”

    "A hilarious and fast paced, jingle all the way!"

    Announcer- “A random towns Gaian said…”

    “I dang near pissed myself I laughed so hard!”

    Announcer- “This Christmas season the sparks fly in...”

    Hugo- "How are you doing that? Do you even know how this thing works?"
    Snowball- "Doo-dee-do! Nope, pushing random buttons is fun!"

    Computer screen- “This message will self destruct in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”

    [Large explosion]

    Announcer- “... ‘If You Choose to Accept’”

    Hugo- "Y'know, this cane is pretty tasty."
    Snowball- "The reindeer thought so too."
    Hugo- "... [Gag-hack-cough]”
    Snowball- "What?"