• Chapter one

    Yuki sat on the hillside looking at the trees of the outskirts of town. sighing she leaned back and looked up at the clouds. looking at her watch she jumped and stood up quickly. "i have to go she!" she said. Franticly scrambling down the hill she jumped on her bike and road to a store called "Vieux Books". Yuki had been taking French for two years and still did not know what that meant. She clambered off her bike and ran into the store. She only had one hour to get everything ready for her dads birthday and she still hadn't gotten him a present. The old clerk at the counter smiled at her and beckoned to the books."pick anyone you like" he said grinning. She looked over some of the books running her fingers over the spines of the paper and ink children. She had always thought she had gotten her loving of books from her father who's job was a book sorter and a book binder. Picking up one of the books she handed it to the clerk and he rapped it in a handsome binding. She handed the clerk money that she had scraped together around her house. Walking out of the store holding the book she walked over with to her bike. Suddenly a golden retriever jumped up and grabbed the book out of her hands with its mouth. "Hey!" she yelled. The dog ran off and she ran after it. Catching up to the dog was not easy. Running for a very long time for most people would have been hard but Yuki was in shape for something like this. They reached a cabin near the woods and the dog suddenly stopped. It dropped the book in her hands. Whining it pointed its nose toward the cabin door. Yuki hesitated then walked over and opened the door. Inside the air smelled of musty moldy wood and the floor boards creaked wherever she stepped. The dog walked in after her and layed down in the corner. She sat next to it a relized it was a boy. petting its head she looked around the old cabin. there wasn't much in there except a old chair. All of a sudden she started to hear a something that sounded like wind. It started getting louder and louder until loud wind sounds swarmed the cabin. Yuki realized that it was not only the sound there was real wind swirling around the cabin. It got stronger and stronger until it tripped Yuki off her feet and threw her into the air. Yuki closed her eyes scared to see what was going on. Then it stopped. Everything stopped.
    Yuki opened her eyes and rolled over. she felt something pushing into her back. She stood up and picked up the object that had wedged itself in her back. It was a book. Juat one book.
    And the books title was "inkwell".