• Welcome to the year 21XX. In this future, many things have happens over the years. To start, the world has advanced in technology and medicine in the last century with the leadership of President Kelvin Ropfesorf Dags with the cures for every possible disease and also increased size, health, and age of an average person. The oldest person in the world is almost 200 and has the health of a 45 year old. We have also made discoveries into the imposible and have devloped magic to help us on a daily basis. Soon, after a new president took lead, his name was Plereh Rohe Jones. He managed to take the whole world and united them together.
    From that day on, wars had ended and crime diminished. Peace seem possible. However, at the next election for the Six Leaders of the Unity, six people who rule each contenant except Antartica, one person soon brought darkness back to the people's hearts. New World leader, Tyrant Navimle Gron Kara and his five Generals each of a different country and each cause the next end.

    Rebel began underground and the war had split into two groups: Tyrant or Rebel. Navimle was a heartless man who kills anyone including children. He holds public execution and kills in any matter while his generals follow. He hired bounty hunters and killed his enemies and made himself president for life.

    This is where I get involved.

    I knew I had to stop Navimle and the others and so I betray both sides and became Nobody and the path I chose, lead me to a way of light and one of dark. In between was the Twilight. That is what I will become for my own selfish truth.

    The Nobody of Twilight.

    Now is the time to tell my story, little at a time. To begin, I'm about 150 years old and as young and healthy as a 25 years old and as mature as a gentleman. Name wise, you can call me, Nobody or N.o.T. (Whatever works). However, my true name is something else that you'll find out later. I'm above average in intelligence, a expert builder of many structures, a duel swords expert (secretly), and the Tyrant's right hand man.

    This is how I betrayed my rebel friends unfortunately.

    However, in secret I became the force against the Tyrant's party.

    It began one day, when these children were going to be executed via guillotine for standing against Navimle. This is where I decided to make my first stand. I create a clone to follow Navimle while I was Nobody. When I got there, the blade was about to drop, the kids eyes showed beyond fear, scared about what's about to happen. Down below, people were either trying to stop it or staying behind and watched. I saw mostly no emotion from the back, but the people trying to stop were so scared and sad. I dashed just as the heavy blade fell and stooped it with one blade. It was heavy, but I manage to keep it in the air. Everyone gasped and was frozen stiff.

    Then Navimle spoke, "What the... Who the hell are you and what are you doing?"

    As I drew my second blade and pointed at him, I replied, "I'm Nobody, the Nobody of Twilight, and I'm here to stop you."
    Navimle chuckled and said, "YOU? Hohahaha. You're joking, you are going against the world by saying that."

    "Yeah, Well I have the power to prove it." Then I pointed to under the guillotine and the kids were gone. They looked to the see that when I stop the blade I broke the stocks with my other blade without them noticing. The children manage to run while I confronted Navimle and they were nearly out of site except for one who trip.

    I used most of my strength to slam the guillotine towards the guards that were rushing to capture that kid and then rushed myself to stop everyone from coming to the child. This was the first time I had ever battle and I manage to deflect bullets while coming up and covering them in their own blood. My blades cut easily, but I tried to avoid vital hits for most did their job to protect their family and I really hate killing.

    When the kid was gone, I then disappeared as well with a smoke bomb and left my signature along with this message, "I will kill each of the Six Leaders and bring a back order to the world." Navimle really let those guards have it when I got back from changing.

    The next few days, I had wanted posters put everywhere worth enough money to last five generations and, living for hundreds of years, that's a lot.
    For my poster, it only showed my mask. No one could tell it was me that easily because I wore a long grayish removable cape, a normal gray mostly bulletproof suit, the mask, and two katanas.

    Later I learned from Navimle that he had hired three bounty hunters to find and kill me. I was afraid, but I knew that something like this was about to happen. I decide to begin my plans.

    First, to avoid suspicion, I follow Navimle's order to build an execution area for N.o.T. Later the next day, being nearly complete with construction, I was looking out into the horizon watching the sunset and the beautiful twilight in the sky, I saw an old women being hurt by some sleazy guards.
    I snuck away, don the mask, and fought them. They were easy grunts who thought about the promotions they'll get for capturing me, but I beat them till they were out cold.

    The old lady thank me and asked if she could read my hand. I thought it would be okay.

    A few minutes later, she spoke, "That path you choose is a dangerous one, but you can still change it by following something else. If you change your decision, you will live long."

    I replied, "I know that death is at the end of this path, but I'll follow the path I choose to the end." She laugh and said, "How noble, but what about your friends and family." I said in a dark sad voice, "This path, the path of a Nobody, has been made. I have betrayed my family and friends, I have to kill in cold blood, I may even fail, but I follow it because I can't turn back. Even if I'm viewed neither as good or evil, I'm going to do what seems to be the best for others and if it makes it worst, then I make it better."
    She seem to have lost focus for she was staring at me like you would at meeting your idol in person, then I looked in the old lady's eyes and then I felt like they looked familiar now like a lost family member. "Who are you?" I asked.

    She regain focus and said, "I'm like you. We'll meet again. Good Luck, N.o.T."

    She walked away as well as my chance to be normal and the day.

    Night, better get out before someone comes. I wondered what she ment, but I went and changed back, finish work on step 1 and help the guards. They were really angry screaming revenge and about every swear word they could possibly use.

    Step 1 was done with a little side-quest. That building is a key role in the future so remember it.

    Now to begin Step 2 in my plan. Going to each Capital and destroying each of the leaders, one by one. Each one was on a different continent, except Antarctica. I decide that there is only one direction I can go in right now and that is down in both meanings.