• Tag Ch 2 (You're it!)

    The sun was high in the sky, and its rays were beaming down onto the wandering customers in the Zaku Tan town shopping district. They were wondering from store to store, wasting their spare cash on the latest items inside. Koji wandered into town with a half serious, half excited, vibe and was scanning the area for a good place to stand. While he was looking, he found a trash can and came up with an idea that made a grin appear across his face.

    "Your not doing this Koji." Kaji had taken over Koji's body. "It's to reckless."

    "Shut up!" Koji re-gained control of his body. "I told ya to stop takin' over my body!"

    This arguing between Koji and Kaji drew the attention of the easily distracted people nearby him. Koji noticed gathering nearby him and was a bit frustrated. "What the hell?! Your not supposed ta' be lookin' at me for this!" his face was flushed from anger and embarrassment. He guided his arm towards a trash can and was ready to set it on fire, when the crown split apart and was two people were walking towards him. one looked like a business man wearing a light blue suit with a gleaming pair of glasses. The other person next to them seemed to be a shady looking character wearing a large tattered brown coat with a large hat that covered their blue hair and eyes.

    "Hello young man. My name is Howard Ryan, and this next to me is Rei Kuri." The man named Howard reached into his suit and took out some papers which he showed to Koji. "Would you sign these papers?"

    "This is stupid, why do we have to do this?" Rei was fidgeting in place. "I want to do something other than freaking paperwork!"

    "Now settle down Rei. This is part of our job in town."

    Koji took the papers and let Kaji read it for him. "This is... a contract?" He didn't seem to understand the meaning of the word.

    "Yes. This is a contract if you'd like to join Snipa." A faint smile came across Howards face.
    "Oi, your partner is right," he said. Smoke was emitting from the papers in his hand. "This is stupid! And i'm not lookin' for y'all either."

    "Oh, so that's why your making such a racket," replied Howard.

    "Hunh?" A puzzled stare came across Koji's face.

    "You were going to burn that trash container beside you to gain the attention of something big... Hinote-oni." Ryan adjusted his glasses with his middle finger and his smile shifted to a grave expression. "You know... oni are not permitted to use their abilities while in this town."

    "Yeah, I do. What 'cha gonna do 'bout it," Koji said with a sneer.

    The end of a shotgun was pointed towards Koji's face, the owner of it was Rei.

    "Now I get to blow you face off!" Rei pulled the trigger to their weapon, the sound dispersing the customers of Zaku Tan town like startled pigeons. This attempt to get rid of a law breaker, however, failed. Ryan had guided his left hand to the barrel and maneuvered the gun slightly upward so the bullet used only brushed Koji's red hair. Koji was surprised by this and ran in the opposite direction.

    "Why the hell did you do that Ryan!?" Rei shouted.

    "Our job is not to 'blow off faces.' We are here to protect, and right now... capture"

    "Yeah, yeah, whatever." Rei took their weapon and held it across on their back. "Time for some action!"

    "I'm going to come up with a strategy, so don't wait up," Howard said.

    "You lazy b*****d!"

    Koji was sprinting towards the north, looking for a good place to hide from Rei and Ryan, but along the way he was setting trash bins on fire.

    "(You never think things through Koji,)" Kaji thought with sigh.

    "How can I think with you in my freakin' head?!" After Koji set enough bins on fire, he ducked into a street alley and waited for his opponents. He let out a loud laugh and said "They think they're gonna get me, but when they follow those trash cans I put up... they'll be walking right where I want em'." Koji let out another laugh.

    "Shut up you idiot!"

    "W-what?" Koji looked around, but couldn't tell where the voice was coming from. Then, suddenly, gun shots were aimed towards him. "What the hell?!" Koji got up and ran in a random direction.

    "(Looks like your the one that got ambushed.)"

    "Your not helping!" Gun shots were hitting the ground around Koji. "This ain't fair, I can't see 'em!" As Koji was running, he saw a man wearing a green headband and long coat standing in his path. "Oi, are you doing this?" he asked calmly. The man didn't reply. "Hn... Don't ignore me!" Koji jumped in the air and set his hand on fire. He lunged himself towards the man and hit in on his left arm.

    "(Damn it kid run!)" Koji landed a hit, but the mans arm wasn't normal. He gripped onto Koji's hand and started to lift him in the air. The sleeve on his coat fell and revealed that the man had a bionic arm.

    "Le'go of me!" Koji tried kicking Stiel, but the pressure on his hand caused to much pain. "S-s**t..."

    "You oni think you can do anything you want. That just because you have 'special abilities' your free to use them anytime you want..." He gave Koji a devilish look. "Well think again!" Stiel applied pressure to his left arm and was crushing Koji's hand.

    "W-warm touch..." Koji began emitting heat to his crushed hand.

    "What, you think you can burn me?" Stiel went to slam Koji to the ground, when a gun shot hit his heated arm and loosened the pressure it had on Koji. Koji kicked off of Stiel and fell onto the floor.
    "Hey, you tag b*****d." In the distance on a tall building, Rei Kuri was aiming her gun at Stiel. "He's mine!" Rei started shooting at Stiel, but he extended his bionic arm in front of him and deflected any bullets coming at him.

    "Stay out of this you Snipa dog." His arm opened up and revealed an automatic gun. Stiel started shooting at Rei and she ducked for cover. Koji took advantage of the situation and ran into a cafe so he could rest a little.

    "Damn Tag.." He said to himself. "Have to find Guard.."

    "(Your outclassed and out numbered Koji. Let me take over.)"

    "No! I won't let you! I can do this myself." Koji got up and went outside. He saw Stiel shooting at Rei, and an opening. "Gotcha'!" He moved his right hand in front of himself and took in a deep breath. "All right, it's time for a... Heatwave!" Koji spewed a huge flamethrower at Stiel which engulfed him in a blaze. "That's one down." Koji felt out of breath, and he was being targeted by Rei again. "I know where you are now." He dashed towards the building Rei was sniping from.

    "Stupid oni, i'll fill you with lead!" Rei opened their coat revealing a stash of rifles that ranged from handguns to a sniper rifle. "Lead Storm!" They grabbed random pistols from their coat and aimed them at Koji.

    Koji stopped in place and kicked up some sand quickly.

    "Fire wall!" He set the sand on fire and it turned into a liquidy glass substance and absorbed the gunshots. "Get down here already! Or are you a p***y?!" Rei started to get agitated.

    "Hn...! I'm going to kill you!" Rei went forward and leapt off the building she was on without thinking and took out their shotgun. "Chi Bullet!" They aimed the shotgun towards the ground and a blast of energy shot out that cushioned Rei's landing.

    "Heh, now it's time for a real fight!" Rei rolled to the ground, reached into their coat, and recovered their shotgun to thier side. "Let's do this!" They said. Rei took their shotgun and swung it at Koji. It collided with his arm and made him cringe a little.

    "Damn, that hurt!" Koji used his arm to swipe away the rifle and then grabbed at Rei. He was trying to get a hold on them, but ended up snatching their hat instead. "W-what?" Rei leapt back and felt their hair move in the air. "Your a girl?!"

    "Ah, my hat!" She went up to Koji and went reaching for her hat. "Give back my hat!"

    "Reach for it." Koji said with a sly grin on his face.

    "Give it or i'll blow your face off!"

    "I'll blow your face off." Koji mocked.

    "Please hand back her hat." Ryan interrupted, standing behind Koji.

    Koji jumped forward and let loose of that hat. Rei caught it and place it back on herself.

    "You done strategizing Ryan?" Rei asked while adjusting her hat and coat.

    "Yes, and I have a pla-" Ryan stopped mid-sentence, he was hit by a net and fell over on the ground.

    "Ryan!" Rei went up to him. "Ryan, are you alright?"

    "N-not quite..."

    "Damn Tag...!" She looked up and saw Stiel aiming his bionic arm in her direction.

    "Darn, I missed." Stiel reached into his coat and took out a metal tube and inserted it into his bionic arm. "Move, or your getting hit next girly."

    Rei snarled and prepared herself to fight, but then noticed Koji crouched next to her partner.

    "What the hell are you doing to him?!"

    "I'm tryin' to burn this thing off'a this guy, but it's not rope." Koji bit into the material.

    "What are you an animal?!"

    A small popping sound went off, and another net flung in Koji's direction. Rei saw it and moved her shotgun in the way of it. It wrapped around her gun and missed Koji.

    "Thank ya'." Koji said with a smile.

    "S-shut up!" I only protected you so that he couldn't get your bounty." Rei blushed a little. Rei never get's thanked for doing her job.

    "Oi, whats with the collar around your neck?" Koji asked.

    "What? I ain't got no-" Rei reached to her neck and felt a tag on herself. "W-what?" It started to pulse with energy.

    "Gah! This freakin' stings!" Koji leapt up and was running around senselessly.

    "Where the hell did that come from?" The collar started to vibrate, and Rei fell on her knees. Koji was still running around though.

    "The pain you feel around your neck is only a small punishment for your wrong doings." Stiel said as he was walking towards Rei and Koji. "You Snipa dog have gotten in my way to many times today, and all for an oni." He went up to Rei's shot gun, bent it, and threw it aside. "Now you must suffer as well."

    "K-Kaji..." Koji was stammering back and forth from pain and exhaustion.

    "(Are you in need of assistance?)" Kaji asked.

    "No, i'm not, but.... she is." He was loosing his breath.

    "Understood." Kaji took control of Koji and was able to move freely without the tag effecting him much.

    Stiel aimed his arm towards Rei and was about to capture her in a net, when Kaji ran up to him and kicked his arm in another direction.

    "What? You should be immobilized." Stiel recovered his momentum and then swung his arm at Kaji. They blocked with their leg, but then Stiel quickly grabbed his leg and held Kaji upside down.

    "Your out classed oni!"

    "Heatwave!" Koji re-gained control of himself and chucked a fireball at Stiel.

    "Your efforts are futile." Stiel said. He was unaffected by the blast. "The material that my clothing is created of is designed to resist the elements in any form. Which includes your special abilities and attacks!"

    "Shut up!" A gun shot hit Stiel's bionic arm and it loosed up.


    Koji freed himself, switched back to Kaji, and did a swift kick to Stiel's jawline. He fell backwards, and a small device fell out of his pocket. Kaji went up to it and stomped on it, deactivating the tags they and Rei were wearing.

    "You oni b*****d...!" I'll kill you!" Stiel said. He aimed his arm at Kaji and Rei, ready to fire, but when he activated his arm... nothing happened. "Damn, out of shells!" He got up and stared at Kaji. Both their eyes met, and they started to run towards each other with a sudden burst of energy. "Die oni!" Stiel waited for Kaji to throw a kick at him so he could counter them with another grab.

    Kaji did a swift side kick to Stiel, which he countered with his bionic arm, but in the process it shattered from excessive damage and a piece of it flew into his face, leaving him unconscious. Kaji took advantage of this and looked on Cuff's person for anything that could be of use to them.

    "Bingo." Koji said. He re-gained control of himself and took some papers and a knife from Stiels coat. He then went up to Howard and cut him out of his net. He was still knocked out from earlier, and Rei was laying on the floor beside him. "Ya helped me twice today." He said cheerfully and extended his hand to her. She slapped his hand away and sat up with the help of her shotgun.

    "I helped you out today, but next time it's going to be different. Count on it."

    "Oi, I thought your weapon was destroyed."

    "Did you hear what I just said?"

    "Yep!" He said with a grin. Rei sighed and stood on her feet, then she reached for her neck and took off the tag she had on.

    "My father used to work for Snipa when he was younger. He also used a shotgun, and it would get messed up all the time. So, I use two!" She said with a grin.

    "Cute..." Koji blushed.

    "What was that?"

    "O-oh, nothin'." He let out a loud nervous laugh. "Well, i'll be going now." Koji ran off and a piece of paper fell out of his back pocket. "See ya'!"

    "W-wait! You dropped something!" It was to late, he was to far away to hear.

    "What is this?" Howard said, standing next to Rei with the paper in his hand.

    "What? I thought you were knocked out!"

    "No my dear, I was observing and researching near by."

    "Oh, were you?" Rei said irritated. She pointed her shotgun t him.

    "W-what are you doing?"

    "I'll give you ten seconds."



    "No!" He started runing away, faster than Koji did. "I don't want my face blown off!"