• I stopped to take a look at Takumi and Hiroyuki. Hiro was wearing a simple white shirt, grayish rude fit jeans, and a cross necklace. Takumi was wearing basically the same thing, only his shirt was black, and he had no necklace.
    "You guys look...." Takumi said, staring at Aoi and I. "Nice." He said, after a long period of silence.
    "Yeah." Hiroyuki agreed.
    "So," I said, planting myself in a chair. "Where are we going?"
    Hiroyuki smiled. "To the club." He said.
    "What?" Aoi and I said in unison.
    "Aren't we underage?" Aoi screamed before I could.
    "Yeah." Hiroyuki said, calmly. "But I'm VIP, baby."
    I slapped him. "What is that supposed to mean?" I screamed.
    "I can get in without ID," he said, rubbing his face. "My dad owns the club."
    "Does he let you drink?" Aoi said, curious. Takumi stifled his laughter. I hid my face in my hands.
    "I don't know, actually." Hiro said. He looked at his watch. "We need to go." He grabbed my arm. Takumi and Aoi followed us. Then I saw Hiroyuki's car. It was pretty, which is not something you would normally us to describe a car, but his car was gorgeous. It was a shiny black Ferrari. You could tell that Hiro took good care of his car. I hadn't even noticed everyone had gotten into the car until Hiro said something.
    "Rumi!" Hiro screamed, snapping me out of my car-induced trance. "Get in the car before I leave you!"
    "Oh! Yeah! Right!" I said back, getting into the car.
    End of Chapter 2.
    We drove up to the club. The neon kanji sign had some lights missing, so I couldn't quite read the name. When we walked in, Takumi and Hiro were immediately greeted by a few adults.
    "Ah," The tallest man said, "Hiro-kun, Takumi-kun, and I suppose these girls are Rumi and Aoi?"
    "Yes." Hiroyuki said.
    "Right this way." We followed the man into a room. The room was dimly lit, and music seemed to pour into the room. A man in a suit walked into the room.
    "Hiro! Takumi!" He yelled. He walked over to us. His eyes rested on Aoi and I. "And I assume these two lovely ladies are Rumi and Aoi?" My face turned red.
    "Sir, uh, my name is Rumiko. Rumi is just what Hiro calls me, sir." I said.
    He laughed. "Isn't that sweet!" He shouted. "You two already have nicknames for each other! Now, what did you say your last name was, Rumiko?" I hadn't said anything about my last name, and Hiroyuki gave me a look that said 'He's drunk, go with it'.
    "My last name is Otsuka,sir." I replied.
    "Otsuka?!" He said. "As in Fujiko Otsuka?!"
    "Yes, sir." I could see Hiro laughing at me. Hiro's dad did some sort of drunken babble, sort of like what my mom did when I mentioned him. I snuck away to where Hiro was.
    "Hey." I said, trying to be cool.
    "Hey." He said, clutching his drink. I paused for a moment.
    "What's wrong?" He said.
    "Oh, nothing. I was just wondering where Aoi and Takumi were..."
    He choked on his drink for a second and smiled.
    "Over there." He said pointing to what almost looked like one person, they were so close together.
    "Some people don't have a high tolerance of alcohol." I said, petrified. Hiro laughed.
    "Alcohol had nothing to to with that." He said, laughing. "Apparently our friends are whores." We both laughed.
    "So," I said. "What're you drinking?"
    "Virgin Daquiri." He said. "Want some?"
    "Sure." I replied.
    "Oi!" He said, tapping on the bar. "Get me another straw!" A moment later, the bartender had returned with a straw.
    I took a sip. "This is good. Can I have one?"
    "Sure. Oi!" He said. "Get me another." He said, waving his drink. The bartender came back with one.
    "Are you like the prince here or something?" I said, after taking a sip of my drink.
    "You could say that." He said, leaning against the bar. I took a moment to look at how beautiful he looked at that moment. He was obviously in his home territory. His jet-black hair fell in his face in a way that made him look almost feminine. I just wanted to touch his gorgeous face. I'm not exactly sure what happened next, but when I finally came to my senses, my arms were wrapped around him and my head was on his chest. The room was silent. I wanted to pull away, but I couldn't.
    "Rumi." He said. "Don't let go." What am I doing? I thought. Why am I hugging him?
    "How long has it been?"I asked.
    "Since when?" Hiro replied.
    "How long have I been hugging you?"
    "I don't know." He said. "But I don't really care." He hugged me back. He started to stroke my hair, but this time I wanted him to. The next moment was magical. In one swift moment he pulled me to his lips, and he kissed me.