• _________________Chapter one________________
    1089-2200 hours, March 26 2568/Planet Onyx/ Restricted zone 67

    Spartan A-308, otherwise known as Spark, ran through the thick underbrush of restricted zone 67 on planet Onyx as Covenant chased after her and her team, team Firetrox. Spark ran behind a boulder and ordered her team to take cover as well. She looked to her right and saw Spartan D-105, otherwise known as Datar, and Spartan C-150, otherwise known as Flint to her left, both eagerly awaiting orders from her. She turned to Datar, she pointed to her eyes, then to him and pointed to the outer perimeter of zone 67, telling him to take a look out position. He did as he was told and ran as fast as he could, trying his best not to be discovered. She looked over at Flint and nodded her head and Flint immediately followed Datar. Spark peered over the boulder and turned her TEAM COM back on.
    “In position,” Datar said as Flint rushed to his side. “Waiting for orders.” Datar continued. Spark glanced at her HUD. “We got multiple enemy contact. Keep the COM chatter to a minimum.” Spark said. She looked across the open plain and found Datar and Flint. She made her hand into a fist and pumped it twice, meaning to get ready. Spark turned her COM off so she wouldn’t be tempted to yell through the COM channels like she usually does when in combat or talk smack back to the Covenant and make them mad. They don’t really no what she’s saying but they no its bad.
    Spark made Flint get out her sniper and go out a little further than Datar. Flint was the professional sniper on the team. She could take out two brutes in one shot. Although Flint shot Spark a few times on ‘accident’, is what she says, one with an actual MA5K bullet in combat and the other during combat practice, Spark had to trust her not to hit her while she and Datar were in close combat.
    As Covenant approached, Spark called Datar back up to lend her a couple MA5B rounds. Spark was about to send him back to his look out position until she thought it would be best if he stayed up here with her; he’s not the best sharp shooter on the team and she didn’t want to take any chances with him shooting her.
    Spark pointed at Datar then at a thick tree stump next to her. He flipped over her and tumbled over to the spot marked on his HUD and slightly nodded his head to Spark as he made it there. She turned to Flint and held up two fingers; meaning to open fire as soon and there’s enemy contact. Spark turned to the sound of the leaves being crushed beneath their feet as the Covenant they slowly approached with caution.
    Spark nodded back at Datar and they opened fire as they came up from behind their cover. Spark ran to an elite and put her arm around his neck and took out her shotgun and followed Datar as they approached the Pelican they were on before the covenant showed up and interrupted their training, again. Flint also got closer, shooting past Spark and Datar. Spark watched the bullets bounce off her energy shield as they came towards her at high speed.
    Spark turned her TEAM COM back on and she heard nothing but static. She hit the side of her helmet a few times and she could hear Flint and Datar yelling back and forth at each other. “Flint!” Datar yelled. “Watch were your shooting!” “Watch were I’m shooting? Stay out of my line of fire than! You gonna get shot one of these days, and it hurts don’t it Spark?” Flint yelled as she reloaded and shot again. “Yeah, I still can’t believe u actually hit me with one of those things.” Spark said as she grabbed a hold of a jackal and jerked his head to the side, snapping his neck.
    Datar looked around and all the firing stopped and nobody else was anywhere to be seen. Spark turned to Flint as she ran up to them and said, “Nice job, Flint! You didn’t hit me this time!” Flint’s faceplate depolarized and Spark saw her smiling. Spark turned away from the other two and switched through COM channels trying to find the one Flint was using to make contact with the Pillar of Autumn. “I need to talk with you three when you get back.” Captain Keyes said as Spark finally found the right channel. “Great,” Spark said. “Is it about me again? Cuz I didn’t kill anybody on my team this time!” “Let it go, Spark.” Datar said trying to keep her from yelling into the COM.
    Flint arranged for a Pelican to come and pick them up and bring them back to the Pillar.