• Prologue
    “The angel princess must be chosen or else all life on angel world more specifically angel city will go to pieces due to the devil’s!”
    “Yes I know that sire”
    “We need to rebuild the old Angel Crew”
    “I know that too sire”
    “Well then do something about it!!!”
    “Yes, yes but you see sire there are three girls-humans and three boys-two humans and one is an angel of those three—
    “Then why are we talking about them if five out of six are humans!”
    “I was just getting to that sire”
    “Well get to the point then!”
    “All of their ancestors were members of the original Angel Crew which mea--”
    “I know what it means! And that is extremely rare for human children…”
    “Yes that is true sire!”
    “Hmm, who do you think is to be the leader?”
    “Well quite frankly I think it would be a small girl by the name of—
    “I trust your judgment! Now go wake her up and get her to grab the girl and bring her back!”
    “Of course sire”
    “Then be on your way!”

    Chaptire 1: The coming of the Angel Crew Member Kiki
    Ms. Kiori had just finished grading papers and putting on her gloves and coat along with her hat. She left the classroom the way it was, for she knew the janitor would come by soon to clean up. Meanwhile, Kiki and her mom walked across the playground. “Kiki you know in first grade you can’t go forgetting your homework like this but since you’re in kindergarten it’s ok” Kiki’s mom said looking back again at Kiki. Kiki wasn’t even paying attention she was trying to remember what Ms. Kiori had said before the bell to go home rang. Kiki looked up “Ms. Kiori?” she whispered to herself.
    “What—Oh Ms. Kiori! Wait!” Kiki’s mom shouted after Ms. Kiori.
    Ms. Kiori looked to her side; Kiki caught a glimpse of Ms. Kiori’s facial expression, she looked worried. Suddenly Ms. Kiori started to walk in a fast-paced walk, which broke out into a trot.
    “What about homework!” Kiki shouted in a worried tone.
    “Don’t worry I’ll be able to write you a note, and I’m sure Ms. Kiori will understand plus she saw us come in, so I mean she can’t be all that upset,” Kiki’s mom said trying to calm Kiki. The next day while at school during lunch hour Kiki sat alone gazing up at the sky she thought about talking to her older brother at the high school right next door but two things were wrong with that one that would be boring and too much work and two that would be taking into consideration that he had gym class or something like that outside and was near the fence so she stayed where she was. Suddenly a gust of wind came by and a light blue swirly portal opened but Kiki wasn’t going to know it was a portal until much, much, much later. She stared up at the portal; suddenly a hand came out of it. “AAAAHH” Kiki screamed gasping for breath she clung to the lunch table she had been sitting at the odd thing was nobody reacted to her scream. The wielder of the hand stepped out “Good morning princess—oh right you probably don’t have a clue about the whole princess stuff”
    “Well I’d like to know and you seem like a very nice stranger but I’m not supposed to talk to strangers…so uh bye!” Kiki ran off.
    The young girl from the other dimension stared at her and said, “Going to play with your friends?”
    “Yes” Kiki said slowing down.
    “Well what friends, the ones who call you weird or odd? Those aren’t your friends unless you humans consider those compliments—
    “Well… I still have my big brother!” Kiki said whirling around to face the young girl.
    “Alex? The one who told you if you don’t hurry Mom’s gonna leave without you? If I’m not mistaken that’s what caused you to forget your homework”
    Kiki for once looked the girl straight in the eye and thought; wow she sure is pretty! The girl had short black curly hair; some of it was tied back with a white bow into an extremely small ponytail the rest hung down by her shoulders. She wore a white short-sleeved gown that went down to her white slippers and everything about her seemed white except the color of her hair, and eyes of an amber color.
    “Well if we’re not talking about those friends then who are we talking about Ms. Kiki?”
    “H-h-h-how do you know my n-n-name?” Kiki stammered.
    “Boy you sure do stammer a lot, now as for the answer to your question I’m an angel we know these things, so—
    “You’re an angel! But where’s your halo and magic wand?” Kiki asked.
    “Hoi vie what has T.V. done to you kids! Look kiddo we’re angels nobody’s ever seen us except extremely rare children…”
    “What do you mean by rare?” Kiki asked.
    “Well like you for example, your ancestor was a member of the original angel crew thus making you carry some angel “culture” in your veins, and so you are an extremely rare child, but in other cases often the child has been blessed by an angel at birth, you understand?” The young girl asked.
    Kiki shook her head.
    The young girl sighed, “Did you understand the part about yourself?”
    “Yes, kind of” Kiki replied.
    “What didn’t you understand about the blessing part?”
    “Well by what angel I mean clearly there aren’t any angels floating around just anywhere”
    “Ah, but there are many angels in hospitals watching over sick children sick adults sick teenagers, and of course new born “children” if you will”
    “But why babies?” Kiki asked.
    “Well if one gets sick that one will most likely die and if that one is meant to die we let it die but if that one is said to live we let it live, and then there are some who are very special and those children are blessed-if you wish to learn more then come with me! Quickly!”
    “I don’t know your name” Kiki said.
    “Your name?” Kiki asked.
    “Oh where are my manners!” The young lady did something that looked like a curtsy and bow and said: “My name is Sakura as for my last name you have no reason to know-for now”
    “Sakura’s a pretty name!” Kiki said.
    “Thank-you, Kiki is a pretty name too” Sakura said.
    “Thanks!” Kiki replied.
    “So know are you ready and willing to come?” Sakura asked.
    “Well, angels don’t hurt anybody and your wings look real so…..I guess, sure why not” Kiki said.
    “Great c’mon!” Sakura said pulling Kiki into the portal.
    When Kiki got to the end of the portal she looked all around it was a city of angels she was greeted by what looked to be an army.
    “Uh…um who are you people?”
    A person wearing a black cloak and an animal mask stepped forward and said: “My name is Thomas and these people-or rather angels I should say are the army we are here to protect you princess”
    “But that’s not right, angels don’t fight, they don’t have army’s!” Kiki said.
    “Ah, but how should you know no one in your family including you has ever seen them before until now,” Thomas said.
    “Well that’s not entirely true, her ancestor was the great Articuno” Sakura said.
    “Right this way” Thomas said walking away.
    Kiki stood where she was.
    “Hm? What’s wrong?” Thomas said turning to face her.
    “Sakura” Kiki said.
    “Huh?” Thomas said looking at Sakura.
    “Kiki don’t ya want to go see the palace?” Sakura asked.
    “Sakura” Kiki said.
    “Uh…I think she wants you to come with” Thomas said.
    “Ok sure” Sakura said.

    As Kiki entered the palace alone she came to two huge doors she pushed them open with all her might. She looked up to see high upon a throne a young man with black hair a white t-shirt with black pants. He looked up. “Ah, Ms. Kiki I think it’s time we explain things a little better now, but before that my name is Hiri and I’m sure this is all rather confusing to you am I right?’ Hiri said.
    Kiki nodded.
    “Ok then” Hiri said. All of a sudden wings, big angel wings sprouted from his back and he flew down the stairs in a matter of seconds. Then once reaching the bottom landed light as a feather with a little tap sound. He lightly tapped her on the forehead she fell back and looked unconscious but really he was just transferring images into her brain as he told the story.
    “A long time ago there was a lady by the name of Sakura-no not the one you have just met a different one, she ruled over angel world to the best of her abilities and was one of our greatest leaders. Now-a-days she is known as the Articuno, though and she is your ancestor she is also the leader of the original angel crew, which I do believe you have no idea about” Hiri said pacing around the room.
    Kiki nodded she had no idea who the angel crew was.
    “Well fifteen years after her start of being a ruler a war broke out- a war between the devils and angels, but this war was no ordinary war and that is why it is known as the thousand year war. The battle raged on and if the angels won well they’d get to take control of Earth, but that is not what they wanted, they wanted for the devils to stop this reign of evil. As for the devils, well the devils wanted control of Earth, and in such the Articuno and the original angel crew had been protecting angel world along with Earth. But in this war, the Articuno was a seer which means she could see the future in her dreams, and what she saw was devastating the world, Angel World was coming close to an end so she used her magic and made a sacrifice that only the Articuno would have token. She gave up her magic and her life for Angel World and Earth. And a few days later her body was found with the rest of the body’s lost in this war, but there was something different about her body, hers was the only body not covered in blood.”

    “And to this very day the Articuno’s tale lives on and devils and angels still fight, just a little less” Hiri said.
    “Wow” Kiki said.
    “Yes, but it is still sad” Hiri said looking a bit less happy.
    “You must have been close friends with her” Kiki said.
    “Well yes, as a matter of fact I am-or was I should say” Hiri said looking at Kiki, “now Kiki you must be wondering where you fit into all this right?”
    Kiki nodded her head vigorously.
    “Well you being the Articuno’s something great granddaughter-you lose track over the years you are the rightful heir to the throne! And leader of the Angel Crew” Hiri said smiling at the light brown eyed Kiki. Her light brown hair fluttered as a gust of wind came by and a light blue bow that was in her hair came off and flew away. “No!! Daddy gave me that!” Kiki shouted leaning over the railing of the palace reaching out after her bow. She looked down it lightly touched the water and she turned away.
    “Kiki I’m sure we can get you another one” Hiri said trying to calm little Kiki.
    “NO!!! That one was from daddy!” Kiki said.