• Prologue

    In the land of Meto, there are 5 kingdoms:
    Kingdom of light, ruled by Myst
    Kingdom of water, ruled by Vance while the current rulers are in hiding
    Kingdom of wind, ruled by no one
    Kingdom of fire, ruled by Titus
    Kingdom of darkness, "ruled" by DOOM and Jill

    They lived together peacefully for many years. But one day, a rebel in the darkness kingdom killed the king after capturing his daughter and kept the throne to himself. Since then, he has been trying to turn the other rulers evil. Titus has joined him and the Wind kingdom's ruler has been killed for refusal. The two remaining good kingdoms are under heavy attack and nearly falling apart. Without a savior, all of Meto could collapse

    On Earth, there is a boy named Greg, a boy with icy blue eyes and snow white hair. He is very lonesome and because of that, he only has one friend, Trenity. She is a major rebel and is secretly in love with Greg. For that one friend Greg has, he has many enemies. The worst of them being Brittany. She is the captain of the cheer squad. She can find the tiniest flaws in people, and create hundreds more. You may be wondering, "Why should I care about this outcast?" Well all shall be explained. Eventually...