• Angela strode down the long and dirty street, turning her attention to the strange figure that was following her. The man was dressed in a mercenary’s attire, and wore sunglasses. This was strange, she thought, since it was clearly a cloudy day and people cried out for sunshine. She hurried into the nearest furniture store and stopped there. Hiding behind a stove that was for sale. She heard the door open and kept quiet, surely he couldn’t have seen her hiding. She sighed when she heard the door open and close again, peeking from behind the stove she saw a person left. Suddenly she heard a voice speak to her and her heart skipped a beat, she gasped and jumped back in surprise. The next thing she saw was a hand being offered to help her up. She rolled her eyes and stood on her own, catching a glimpse of the person. She calmed herself when she realized it was only her associate Thomas.
    “Are you okay, angela? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Angela sighed. How could she tell him that she was being stalked by a stranger?
    “I’m fine.” Angela responded and blew the loose strands of hair out of her fussed hair. Oh how she hated curly hair. It just flew all over the place and wouldn’t stay in place. The stalker spotted her just outside the shop window and angela felt a pair of eyes watching her again. He disappeared when she looked towards the window. Strange, yes. Scary? Angela couldn’t be any clearer than to say yes.


    ((To be continued if rated 10 times))